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The PRO PLAN™ is our most popular and also our flagship product. When you invest in the PRO PLAN, you set yourself up for growth...

The PRO PLAN™ is our most popular and also our flagship product. When you invest in the PRO PLAN, you set yourself up for growth in a worldwide community of talented artists, education, resources, and guidance.

All PRO PLAN members have unlimited access to every tutorial we make (over 3000 videos in our library), the brand new Pocket Portfolio™ website builder, Pocket Client Galleries, File Delivery, File Backup, all from Pocket Portfolio. Plus PRO PLAN members will automatically get all new features and updates from Pocket Portfolio for life.

In addition, PRO PLAN™ members now have unlimited access to Vysics plugins like EdgeLab, ToneLab, and GrainLab plus access to new Plugin Access Panels from our Vysics™ division at NO extra cost. Vysics is now led by a new Senior Managing Partner at PRO EDU, commercial retoucher Sef McCullough.

The annual plan gives you unlimited access for 12 months with optional renewal at the exact price you paid or cheaper. You NEVER have to worry about a price increase with the PRO PLAN. If you would like the option to spread out your investment into the PRO PLAN, we have an annual plan paid monthly available HERE.

The PRO PLAN Includes:


ANNUAL PRO PLAN gives you unlimited access to our membership of education, software, and website management tools so you can run your business and stay current on the tips and tricks from working pros.

We are excited to offer our Unlimited Pro Plan, which gives members unlimited access to our library of educational videos, tutorials and courses from industry experts; plus exclusive access to our community forums where you can connect directly with fellow photographers from around the globe. This plan features the ultimate level of access to every tutorial (over $10,000+ value) at PRO EDU, and for a limited time gives FREE access to the all new Vysics™ Plugins and our sister company Pocket Portfolio™.

When you buy ANNUAL PRO PLAN you aren't just investing in invaluable knowledge from a Working Pro, you are gaining access to one of the biggest, and most advanced photography communities in the world. Join over 100,000 photographers from 190 countries and get access to our private group with any tutorial or PRO PLAN membership.


  • 3500+ Photo & Retouching Lessons
  • All Vysics Plugins
  • FREE Pocket Portfolio Account
  • All New Content Is Free
  • Download + Stream Account


Photography Courses Included

View all of the photography and retouching courses & products included in the PRO PLAN.

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Photoshop Plugins
Photoshop Plugins in the PRO PLAN for photographers

Download our proprietary Photoshop Plugins for Photoshop and improve your workflow.

Learn About Vysics
Pocket Portfolio
Pocket Portfolio Mobile Layout PRO EDU

Build your own online website with our proprietary web software and run your entire business.

PRO EDU learning app. RAW files are included in our photography courses and classes for photographers and retouchers. Take photoshop further with PRO EDU tutorials.


The PRO PLAN is a much faster way than spending 10,000 hours learning from your own mistakes. When you join the PRO EDU community, you are joining a mastermind of photographers, creatives, artists, producers, retouchers, and visionaries who are sharing their secrets to success through their successes and failures. When you have a library of professionals at your fingertips, it's a proven way to help expedite the time it takes for gaining mastery in a workflow or genre. It's like plugging yourself into the creative photography matrix.


With all of these resources out there these days I was quite skeptical if I would be happy with my purchase, but the guys at ProEdu take the "Pro" literally and simply rock. It is actually so much to learn I have a hard time to take time for all of it, but it is worth every minute. And if I need some help or inspiration it is there. I recommend this for pros, intermediates and beginners - as a pro you never know it all anyway or want to expand your skills and as an intermediate or beginner you could not be at a better place.

- Ralf S.

"I have been an annual subscriber for several years now and am absolutely blown away with the library of content, and the new content that comes out all the time. The entire staff is quick to answer questions and help with anything. Highly recommend!"

- John N
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With the PRO EDU family of learn apps, you can take every lesson with you on the go. We believe you should never stop learning.




The ANNUAL PRO PLAN unlocks every tutorial in our library, Vysics Plugins, all unreleased content, CGI tutorials, CGI studio assets, and post-production assets found on our LEARN PLATFORM.

Yes can can download the tutorials through the PRO EDU Apps offline and the RAW files to your computer to practice.

If you aren't happy with your purchase at any time within the first 30 days, you can exchange the product for store credit. Email us at support@proedu.com and we'd be happy to make a recommendation. You can also apply your purchase in the first 30 days towards the PRO PLAN and apply what you spent to the Annual PRO PLAN if you would like to upgrade.

You can download free apps for your mobile devices and TV's on Apple tvOS, iOS, iPad OS, ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Play for Android.

You have access to everything on a yearly basis to the PRO PLAN.

Yes. You can download apps on Apple tvOS, iOS, iPad OS, ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Play for Android.


Why waste time guessing when you can learn from a Working Pro.™