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This tutorial is great for retouchers and photographers who would like to get a better understand of how to work with and retouch CGI renders. We've also included the Cinema 4D workflow to create and build out a virtual environment using your own materials and textures that can be manipulated in post production.

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Have you ever worked with a client with unreasonable requests in post? When you understand this workflow you can say yes to almost all requests and accommodate these requests on the fly without sacrificing your time or profit.

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Every photographer has missed focus or wished for a wider depth of field to draw attention to an area of the image. With Reverse Compositing you never have to worry about missing focus in your render. You can always change it


I never in a million years thought I would be able to custom build a set in Paris and shoot the model in my living room.- Jonny Edward

Create Literally anything you can think of today

"Can you make this more of a birds eye view angle" is something you will never dread hearing again from a creative director. With Reverse Compositing you can change your camera height, mm, and lens angle of your environment in post. Have you ever wished you would have shot something in 35mm instead of 85mm? This isn't something you can change in photography but you can in CGI. Never again worry about including more or less environment and change your mind with a few buttons. Imagine never having to worry about details in the shadows or blown out highlights. With CGI renders, you get the ultimate control for where you put light & shadows by giving you these options to tweak in post-production. To learn a whole new workflow and change your life access to tutorials isn't always enough, you need an immersive environment with like minded creatives.PRO EDU Courses provides a proven process for photographers, certified master trainers, software, and a private community with expert mentorship.

Reverse Portrait Compositing

This tutorial is great for retouchers and photographers who would like to get a better understanding of how to work with and retouch CGI renders. We've also included the Cinema4D workflow to create and build out a virtual environment using your own materials and textures that can be manipulated in post-production. Composite artists are often limited to what's available in their existing image, but not anymore. Now anything you can think up can be created with the ultimate flexibility in post-production.

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About Jonny Edward & Dustin Valkema

Introducing Jonny Edward, a Colorado based fashion photographer, storyteller, and wild man. Jonny is making his tutorial debut as a co-teacher and facilitator (in real time) of how CGI can play into portraiture.

Dustin Valkema Bio profile pro edu instructor for cinema 4d and cgi product rendering and retouching.

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This tutorial is completely groundbreaking and sets a new standard for what great portrait education can be. - Tony T


Reverse Portrait Compositing & Rendering FAQ:

Reverse Portrait Compositing & Rendering has 27 tutorial videos and is approximately 10.0 hours in length.

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