Color Grading Profile Packs


Creative Color Grading Packs are collections of 3D LUT profiles that were designed in 3D LUT Creator and then engineered to work with Camera RAW (CR), Lightroom, and Photoshop. Developed by commercial retouchers, Sef McCullough and Earth Oliver, the profiles work with RAW file information, allowing you to pre-visualize your creative direction without moving a single slider. These packs are distinctly different and better than traditional presets because they do not change your adjustment settings in CR or Lightroom when you load them. All of your values begin at 0, which gives you extra features like extended dynamic range and even more color control than any preset could. It's as if you captured a RAW image with these colors right out of camera. We've created a brand new way to apply high end looks to your images with the click of a button. Utilizing Adobe's new support for creative profiles, we combined the power of color manipulations in 3D Lut Creator with the flexibility and quality of custom profiles, all integrated into the new profile browser in ACR and Lightroom. Once loaded, you'll be able to browse through an entire library of professional 3D LUT Profiles in seconds. The profile browser allows you to preview each look in your profile pack with a thumbnail of your target image, and scroll through every look with the arrow keys to immediately preview it on the full frame image.
Download the one at a time below for $19 each or get the MASTER COLLECTION of all 100 3D LUT Profiles.