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culling in adobe bridgeMaster the Art of Shaping Strobed Light with Jason Buff and PRO EDU

Master the Art of Shaping Strobed Light with Jason Buff and PRO EDU

Unlock your potential in flash photography with's new course, 'The Art Of Shaping Strobed Light,' led by industry expert Jason Buff. Dive into practical assignments, learn professional e...

360 VR PodcastIlluminating the World of Photography: A Conversation with Jason Buff

Illuminating the World of Photography: A Conversation with Jason Buff

In episode 141 of the PRO EDU podcast, Gary W Martin, the founder of PRO EDU, sits down with PRO EDU Instructor Jason Buff, a seasoned fine art photographer with a rich background in the film ind...

Artistic VisionUnveiling the Art of Continuous Lighting with Jason Buff: A New Course at PRO EDU

Unveiling the Art of Continuous Lighting with Jason Buff: A New Course at PRO EDU

Discover the magic of light in photography with PRO EDU's new course, 'The Art Of Continuous Lighting with Jason Buff.' This comprehensive course, led by renowned photographer Jason Buff, offers in...

360 Degree PodcastsPRO EDU VR360 Podcast Diana Robles and Gary Winchester

Launching into New Realities: The 360VR Podcast Series with WPPI 2023 Photographers

In our latest episode, we invite you into the world of Diana Robles, a maternity and newborn photographer whose artistry transcends the boundaries of the frame. Diana's approach to photography is a...

Adobe LightroomThe Future of Portrait Photography: A Candid Conversation with John Gress

The Future of Portrait Photography: A Candid Conversation with John Gress

In a new season of the Podcast live from WPPI, Gary Martin engages in a candid conversation with renowned portrait photographer John Gress. They discuss the impact of technology on photography, Joh...

a.i copyrightThe Importance of Ethical Content Creation In Midjourney

The Importance of Ethical Content Creation In Midjourney

Midjourney takes a proactive approach to avoiding copyright infringement by carefully verifying the originality of its prompts and images and promoting responsibility among its users. The platform ...

CGI artistWhat is a visual artist in 2023

Why Photographers Will Emerge As Visual Artists In 2023

Photography is an ever-shifting field rife with exciting new possibilities. From the creative art of capturing a moment to technical mastery, becoming a successful photographer requires staying on ...

ai artAI Midjourney debate with photographers arguing if it's art PRO EDU

Why Photographers Should Use Artificial Intelligence In Art

Who would have known? A hot new artist in town and their name is Artificial Intelligence. This mysterious figure has everyone debating the concept of computer-generated art, but AI isn't here to se...

advice for creatives3 Interpersonal Tips To Keep Getting Hired From Your Photography Clients | PRO EDU

3 Interpersonal Tips To Keep Getting Hired From Your Photography Clients | PRO EDU

To be successful in the creative world, interpersonal abilities are more important than your technical skills as a photographer and will take you much further in this industry.

businessHow photographers can make more money pricing and efficiency

Earn More Money by Building Business Systems

Business systems are one of the most important and powerful tools photographic business owners can use to increase their productivity and income, but most will never take the time to build them. Wh...

barrywhat is real estate photography and why should photographers start doing it

Earn Six Figures Shooting Real Estate Photography

With Google searches for “the process of buying a house” going up 950%, according to CNBC, now might be a great time to think about Real Estate Photography.

ChrisPhotography lighting principles and concepts with chris knight. What is diffused light? PRO EDU photography tutorials.

Photography Lighting Equipment & Setups: The Essential Guide with Chris Knight

Nothing is so fundamental to studio portraiture as light. Light is the language photographers use to communicate who our subject is and what we want the viewer to understand about them, or us. Part...

3dreverse portrait compositing for portraiture and photographers. PRO EDU is the #1 cinema4d tutorial courses for artists to learn online.

How Does CGI Compare To Photography?

When you look at a photo, what do you see? For most people, the answer is a physical representation of reality. But what about CGI? What if I told you that the images from a camera are really no di...

Luxe portraiture launch pro edu

Intuition Backdrop Giveaway

The team at Intuition have graciously decided to gift 3 backdrops to 2 deserving photographers to celebrate the launch of Luxe Portraiture via our Backdrop Giveaway.

adviceThe best photography advice and tips

52 Photographers Share Their Best Advice

No photographer is an island. We need each other for support, education, encouragement, and most importantly, advice. In this blog post you’ll get the single best piece of advice 52 photographers h...

acquisitionPRO EDU acquired Pocket Portfolio and Vysics

PRO EDU | Pocket Portfolio | Vysics Labs Acquisition Announcement

Today PRO EDU is announcing three new senior managing partners and the expansion of our current products and services with the acquisition of Pocket Portfolio and Vysics Labs. This partnership will...

Black FridayBlack Friday PRO EDU Sale on photography tutorials


This Black Friday, get your photography education on sale! PRO EDU is offering discounts on all of our courses and workshops, making it the perfect time to learn new skills and techniques. From por...

blogHow to use V flats for negative fill - Jai Mayhew PRO EDU tutorials

Using V-flats for Negative Fill

Adding light, or fill, to a photographic scene is so common in photography that there are several different methods to accomplish it, from additional strobes to reflectors and V-flats. But what ste...

3dThe best CGI tutorials and resources guide 2021

The Top CGI Tutorials And Resources | The Best Guide 2021

THE TOP LIST TO 3D EDUCATION FOR 2021 Whether you're just learning the basics of CGI or have been in this space for some time, it can be challenging to find good resources and training throughout ...

adobe photoshopHow to use Photoshop Overlays For Composites and Portraits. A tutorial Guide FROM PRO EDU

How To Use Photoshop Overlays In Composites

Typically through the use of Blend Modes, these Overlays can easily blend into the base image without the need for any time-consuming masking with tools like the Pen Tool. This is possible through ...

broad lightingwhat is Rembrandt Lighting in photography and how do you create it? PRO EDU lighting tutorials for photographers.

What Is Rembrandt Lighting In Photography?

Rembrandt light has been one of the most enduring light patterns for portraiture since it was popularized by Dutch painter Rembrandt Van Rijn in the 1600s, so it was natural that portrait photograp...

CGIwhy you should learn composite photography PRO EDU tutorial

Why You Should Learn Composite Photography

Composite photography is one of the most popular approaches to creative image-making, but some photographers are still hesitant to jump on board. Learning how to combine multiple images can be conf...