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a photographers desk with invoices and calculators and cameras

Navigating the Business of Commercial Photography: A Guide to Pricing, Contracts, and Licensing

Dive into the business side of commercial photography with our comprehensive guide on pricing, contracts, and licensing. Learn how to establish a profitable pricing model, negotiate contracts that ...

Commercial photography gear needed for photographers pro edu

The Ultimate Gear Checklist for Commercial Photographers: Essential Equipment Breakdown

Equip yourself for success in commercial photography with our ultimate gear checklist, covering everything from cameras to post-production tools, ensuring every shoot delivers professional-level re...

commercial photography and dramatic lighting of a fashion model pro edu

Mastering Lighting Techniques for Commercial Photography: Expert Insights for Pro-Level Results

Discover the transformative power of mastering lighting techniques in commercial photography. Elevate your imagery from ordinary to extraordinary with expert insights into professional-level results.

commercial photography CGI of nike shoes air jordan off white concept

Elevating Commercial Photography with CGI and Retouching Techniques

Take commercial photography one step further with CGI, where mastering retouching methods enable photographers to offer an enhanced range of services, resulting in more dynamic and polished imagery...


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Car photography tips and how-to guide : Free Tutorial For Photographers

Car photography tips and how-to guide : Free Tutorial For Photographers

Master automotive shots with the right tips, tricks, and techniques. Develop the ability to capture stunning images of both stationary and moving vehicles.

a thousand lanterns in the air for a photography courses pro edu preview photo course

Photography Courses Near Me: Elevate Your Skills with Online Classes

Photography Courses Near Me: Elevate Your Skills with Local Classes Embarking on a journey in photography can enrich your life, offering a new perspective on the world and a means to capture and sh...

Gary Martin the AI Workflow Bot Creator Teaching at PRO EDU

AI Workflow Bots For Photographers | Automatic Blog Generation Machine

AI Workflow Bots For Photographers Are Your New Content Generation Machine - PRO EDU Leveraging the latest in artificial intelligence, we have crafted a suite of tools disrupting the current conte...

The art of color grading kate woodman intro to color theory for photographers

The Art of Color Grading In Photography

Dive into "The Art of Color Grading: Mastering the Visual Mood in Photography," where you'll unlock the secrets of transforming images through color theory and technical mastery, elevating your sto...

Darth Vader Image Of the Lakers Player Midjourney Copyright pro edu

Copyright of AI-generated images For Photographers

Explore how the integration of AI tools like Midjourney into photography workflows can enhance creativity, while also navigating the crucial legal implications of copyright and ownership in the dig...

PRO EDU Podcast Photographer Peter Hurley

Who Is Photographer Peter Hurley | The PRO EDU Podcast with Gary Martin

Who Is Photographer Peter Hurley: Master of Headshot Photography When we consider renowned names in contemporary photography, Peter Hurley stands out as a leading figure. He is acclaimed for his ex...

Ultimate Guide on How to Shoot Narrative Photography

Ultimate Guide on How to Shoot Narrative Photography

If you’re ready to understand the elements of a good story, learn strategies to find inspiration, consider pre-production tips, and get ideas for preparing your finished photography portfolio then ...

colored gel portrait photography examples in a free tutorial from pro edu and jake hicks

The Basics of Colored Gel Photography with Jake Hicks

Discover the transformative power of colored gel photography as Jake Hicks unveils his expert techniques for creating vibrant, mood-enhancing portraits that captivate and inspire

nude art photography tutorial pro edu

Nude Art Photography & Lighting

Exploring the intricate dance of light and shadow, nude art photography boldly redefines our perceptions of the human form, merging aesthetics with ethics in a celebration of vulnerability and stre...