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CGIDepth of field realism in Adobe Photoshop CGI tutorials PRO EDU

Zdepth Pass in 3D: Compositing Depth of Field in Photoshop

Depth of field is a fantastic way to bring added realism to your 3d renders when working with scenes that include background and foreground elements or working on macro-level detail shots!

CGIHow to shoot products on white background - Photography Tutorial PRO EDU

A-Z Guide For White Backgrounds for CGI Product Photography

Infinite white studio backgrounds are great for eCommerce renders and showcasing products in an elegant yet simple way. Let's talk about a method to set up your CGI photo studio in Cinema 4D and Oc...

affirmDoes PRO EDU offer payment plans? Financing your tutorial at with affirm


With the new Shop App plus Affirm installment options, US-based customers can select the 0% financing option to pay off their purchase in 4 easy and automatic installments with NO effect on their c...

BloggingPhotographers should blog to be found through SEO computer.

How to Blog to Your Clients

Blogging can be one of the most productive aspects of a photographer’s digital marketing strategy, but many photographers are doing it wrong. How? They’re using their blog to talk to other photogra...

DIYFoam armor kit photography prop

DIY Builds for Photographers: Foam Armor

If you’re a photographer who has a bit of time on your hands and the desire to make things yourself, this blog series is for you.

developmentwhy do photographers and creatives fail. PRO EDU tips

What Walt Disney Can Teach Photographers About Failure

No one wants to fail. Failure is a painful experience that disappoints us, makes us question our ability to achieve our goals, and even whether we deserve them. But failure can be a gift, and deali...

businessHow to stay motivated as a photographer during the pandemic

5 Tips for Staying Motivated at Work

How do you stay motivated at work when you’d rather take a nap or curl up with a good book? These 5 tips can help get you in the right frame of mind to approach work with a positive attitude, a cle...

DIYDIY hacks for photographers PRO EDU tutorial

DIY Builds for Photographers: Cloud Walls

The DIY for Photographers series continues and this week we’re looking at a very unique set build: cloud walls.

3Dhow to fixe fireflies in 3d renders

How To Fix Fireflies in 3d Renders: Post Production Using Photoshop

When compositing render layers, there can be problems worth solving during post-production rather than in your 3D software. Fireflies are one of those artifacts that we get from time to time with ...

motivationThe best photography advice and blog on the internet

7 Ways to Improve Your Self Confidence as a Photographer

Every photographer struggles with self-confidence. We are convinced our work isn’t as good as that of our peers, and that someday people will see us for what we really are: frauds who happened to g...

CGIHow to create a selections library in Adobe Photoshop - PRO EDU

Create Selection Libraries for Photoshop With Alpha Channels

As a composite photographer, one of the most tedious parts of post-production can be dealing with selecting and masking both the subject(s) and elements of a scene. One of my favorite parts about ...

call sheetsHow to plan a photoshoot with models on location.

Plan Your Photoshoot in 10 Easy Steps

Follow these ten steps to planning a simple, effective, and efficient photo shoot.

LifestyleThe best tips for better lifestyle photography for photographers.

Quick Tips for Better Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography gains its power from the vicarious nature of seeing people engaged in activities with which we are familiar, or which we long to experience. The unscripted appearance of lifes...

Motivational Mondaywhy should photographers make mistakes. Portrait of a man.

Why Making Mistakes in Photography is Important

The idea of making mistakes causes professional and beginner photographers alike no end of anxiety. What happens if we miss focus, flub our camera settings, or show up to a shoot without a memory c...

3Dperspective focal length change in Cinema 4d cgi tutorial

How To Change Perspective Focal Length In Cinema 4D

When working as a 3D artist, there are times that I like to change the focal length of my perspective viewport to match something similar to my final camera. Though this isn't always the case, it h...

blogPortrait photography retouching mistakes and tips for photographers pro edu

Common Retouching Mistakes That Photographers Make

Retouching, like any artistic pursuit, is subject to taste. Every photographer has their own visual style and will retouch photographs to suit their preferences. But there are a few portrait retouc...

best free CGI tutorialsWhat is view clipping in Cinema 4d. PRO EDU explains.

What is View Clipping? Seeing Through Walls In 3D

Clipping is a great way to gain flexibility when working in the 3d viewport or a 3d camera. The terms view clipping and camera clipping, while different in terminology, perform the same in practice.

Motivational MondayUse Visualization to Improve Your Photography Every Day - PRO EDU- Motivational Monday, practice, self improvement

Use Visualization to Improve Your Photography Every Day

Improving a skill set takes rehearsal, repetition, and hours of purposeful practice. In photography, photographing every day is, of course, the very best way to improve. But, is daily practice the ...

Outdoor portraitsSimple tips and tricks all photographers need for better outdoor portraits of people and families.

Simple Tricks for Better Outdoor Portraits

Learning to shoot outdoors is as valuable a skill set as learning to shoot in a studio. Unlike often tightly controlled studio work, shooting outdoors requires photographers to pay attention to a h...

3DHow to make realistic photo renders in CGI - PRO EDU

How to Make 3D Renders Look Real

Making your 3D renders look real can be pretty tricky if you're diving in blind and not knowing where to begin. In this video, I break down a few tips and concepts that can help you on the path of ...

BusinessThe Top Skills Photographers Need To Future Proof Themselves From A Pandemic - PRO EDU- Business, future proof, pandemic, photographers, professional

The Top Skills Photographers Need To Future Proof Themselves From A Pandemic

Pandemics and other tragedies wreak havoc on multiple fronts, from health to wealth and liberty to happiness. And while catastrophes are difficult to predict, they don’t have to be impossible to pr...

businessThe most successfull photographers follow this advice. David Parish pro edu

The Top 5 Habits of Successful Photographers

What defines success for photographers and how do you get there? This is a question uttered by many photographers. It doesn’t seem to matter if you are a landscape photographer, wedding photographe...