Black Friday

2023 Black Friday Sale at PRO EDU - Our Biggest Sale Yet

2023 Black Friday Sale at PRO EDU - Our Biggest Sale Yet

The Photographer's Toolkit + Biggest Sale Of The Year

PRO EDU is turning up the heat with the year's most anticipated Black Friday Sale. This isn't a mere discount event—it's a full-scale upgrade for photographers at every level. Starting November 1st, we're slicing prices across the board, offering an unrivaled opportunity to invest in your photographic prowess with deals designed to push boundaries and ignite passion.

Up to 95% Off All Tutorials

First things first, let’s talk about the heart of the deal: our tutorials. These are not just lessons; they are gateways to mastery, designed by professionals who have walked the path and now light the way for you. For Black Friday, we're offering up 50-95% off on all our tutorials. Whether you're a portrait enthusiast, a landscape aficionado, or a retouching wizard, our tutorials are the keys to the next level of your craft.

60% Off Pro Plan Membership

If you crave continuous growth, our Pro Plan Membership, now at 60% off, is your perpetual source of learning and community. It’s an investment that keeps on giving, round the clock and throughout the calendar.

What's The Photographer's Toolkit

Here's where our Black Friday Sale transcends the ordinary. With any purchase, you’ll get a suite of tools that will redefine the way you work. The Photographer's AI Toolkit, valued at $575, is our complimentary ode to your commitment to growth.

Get FREE 1 Year Access to (+$200 Value). It’s more than a business workspace; it’s a transformation of your professional front. offers an integrated platform that will make you look stellar in front of clients while streamlining your operations and cutting costs on other subscriptions.

Say hello to stress-free project management with FREE 1 Year Access to (+$140 Value). Tailored for photographers, retouchers, and clients, this platform revolutionizes how you handle, review, and approve your creative projects.

Imagen AI

Step into the future with Imagen AI. Gain FREE 2000 Credits (+$120 Value) and integrate AI-powered editing into your Lightroom Classic workflow. Imagen AI isn’t just a tool; it’s your personal editing assistant that learns your style and delivers consistency at speed.

The Headshot Crew

Boost your visibility with FREE 1 Year Access to The Headshot Crew (+$120 Value), the world’s largest team of headshot and portrait photographers. Network, generate leads, and get listed in Peter Hurley's Headshot Crew photographer directory.


What's Coming November 7th?

To find out what we have in store November 7th visit here for details.

Make any purchase from November 1st at, and access to the Toolkit will be sent with your purchase confirmation email.

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