The Art Of Shaping Colored Light

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Discover the vibrant world of color gels with acclaimed photographer Jason Buff in this cutting-edge portraiture tutorial from PRO EDU. Elevate your photography skills and unleash your creativity as you learn how to craft stunning, colorful portraits using gel lighting techniques.

In "Experimenting with Gels: Colorful Portraiture Creations with Jason Buff," you'll explore the captivating effects of color gels, mastering their application in various portrait settings. This SEO-rich course offers a comprehensive and engaging learning experience, tailored for photographers of all skill levels.

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The Art Of Shaping Colored Light

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the art of shaping colored light before image
The art of shaping colored light jason buff pro edu photography tutorial portrait

Master Colored Light & Your Clients Will Love You

Dive into a 4-hour journey across 13 transformative sections, complete with hands-on assignments, RAW files, and exclusive Lightroom presets. Master the nuances of colored lighting and fine art techniques to elevate your photography.

the art of shaping colored light portrait example jason buff pro edu tutorial for photographers

Revolutionize Your Portraiture Skills

Imagine your work gaining acclaim, your style unique and sought after. This course is your key to that reality. Join now and start your journey to becoming a fine art portraiture master!

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the art of shaping colored light before image


I've been apprehensive to strobes and constant light but this whole series was packed with so many tips and tricks to make it easy. LOVE YOU GUYS FOR THIS.


I love his sense of humor and approach to photography. One of my biggest takeaways is his consistent style. 10/10


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ABOUT Jason Buff

Jason Buff is not merely a fine art photographer; he is a visionary artist who wields light as his brush, crafting evocative, story-rich portraits. His artistry transcends conventional photography, blending technical prowess with boundless creativity to produce artworks that spark the imagination. With a career rich in experience, Jason has refined his craft to extraordinary heights, earning him acclaim in the fine art photography sphere. His commitment to mastering continuous lighting and his pioneering use of it distinguish him from his peers. As an educator, Jason imparts knowledge that is practical, thorough, and transformative. His teachings empower students to enhance their skills and find their unique artistic voice. In this course, you're invited to learn from a maestro, gaining insights into Jason's personal methods and techniques.

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