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Launching into New Realities: The 360VR Podcast Series with WPPI 2023 Photographers

PRO EDU VR360 Podcast Diana Robles and Gary Winchester

Welp, it's here. The moment no one was really waiting for, the moment when the canvas of reality expands and the boundaries of our experiences shift into WTF is the point of this tech? Today, we're proud to launch the 360VR podcast series that is taking our podcast into a new dimension, literally. It's an initiative that's more than just a podcast. It's a paradigm shift and an exploration into what the F we are going to do with Apple's new 360 Goggles being announced at WWDC. A new way to experience, connect, and engage with the world.

Taking Documentary Education One Step Further

In our second episode of season 9, Gary Martin and David Parish welcome the renowned maternity photographer, Diana Robles to the first every podcast interview anyone, anywhere has ever done with Diana Robles.

As we set out to extend our existing audio podcast series (available anywhere like Spotify and Apple,) we wanted to go beyond the traditional auditory experience and create something that truly encapsulates the essence of 'being there.' Thus, the idea of filming our podcast series in 360VR was born.

This revolutionary technology allows you to not merely listen but to truly partake in the conversation. Imagine slipping on your VR headset and suddenly finding yourself in the fourth seat at the table, amidst the buzz of conversation, Gary's terrible attempt at humor, David's lack of attention, and the shared laughter, the expressive gestures, the subtle nuances of interaction that you aren't supposed to see. You're no longer a passive listener; you're an active participant, a silent guest in this intimate gathering like the ghost of Patrick Swayze from that old movie no one remembers.

This immersive technology makes distance irrelevant and redefines the idea of presence, bringing you closer to the heart of the conversation than ever before. It's not just about hearing the story; it's about living it. That's the power of 360VR, and that's why we chose it for our podcast series.

We will be releasing a lot of these episodes on YouTube for FREE, so make sure to subscribe to our channel if you want to see these conversations as the come out.

About Photographer Diana Robles

Immersed in the delicate artistry of portraits, Diana is celebrated for her sophisticated and enduring imagery. She takes immense pride in offering not just a photography session, but an unforgettable journey. Specializing in fine art maternity and newborn photography, her style weaves together strands of editorial, fashion, and fine art portraiture, resulting in a mesmerizing tapestry of memories. Her deep passion lies in encapsulating the ethereal beauty of motherhood into exquisite works of art. Being a mother herself, she cherishes the significance of preserving the unique chapters of womanhood through timeless, fine art maternity portraits.

Diana's professional expertise in maternity and newborn photography is backed by rigorous training. She has enriched her skills through hands-on newborn workshops, a maternity workshop under the tutelage of the globally-acclaimed photographer, Lola Melani, and she persistently hones her craft through online education, thereby deepening her photographic wisdom.

However, Diana's offerings extend beyond the realm of breathtaking portraiture. She provides a holistic, boutique-style experience with each session. Her private portrait studio is an oasis of comfort, beauty, and indulgence. From in-person portrait consultations to personalized viewing, ordering, and design sessions, she ensures a seamless and gratifying journey. Trusting in Diana and Loveprint Photography, LLC, means signing up for an experience that will leave an indelible imprint on your heart.

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