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Unveiling the Art of Continuous Lighting with Jason Buff: A New Course at PRO EDU

Unveiling the Art of Continuous Lighting with Jason Buff: A New Course at PRO EDU

Welcome To Continuous Light

Hi, this is Gary Martin, the founder of PRO EDU, and I'm thrilled to announce our newest course, "The Art Of Continuous Lighting with Jason Buff." This comprehensive educational training series focuses on the fine art of photography and retouching in Photoshop. This is the first of six courseswe filmed with Jason in Chicago that cover a wide range of lighting, styling, and fine art portraiture techniques that we are calling the Fine Art Portraiture Master-Course Series. These will be available and releasing every few weeks starting TODAY.

Jason Buff Teaches Constant Lighting

In this 5-hour course, Jason Buff, a renowned photographer, will guide you through a 14-part video series. The course is designed to be immersive, providing you with RAW files, presets, Jason's retouching and two assignments to ensure you get hands-on experience and can replicate Jason's approach to retouching on your own.

Here's a sneak peek into what you can expect:

  1. Mastering Lighting Techniques: The course introduces different lighting techniques, including constant light and flash. Jason emphasizes the importance of developing a habit of constantly shooting and making mistakes to improve as a photographer. You'll learn how to blend lights, create fine art portrait details, and use modifiers to achieve the desired effect.

    Lighting Techniques with Jason Buff

  2. In-depth Posing Guidance: Jason, along with the help of Jillian, a professional photographer, will guide you through the nuances of posing. They will demonstrate how to make your subjects look natural and comfortable, capturing the spontaneous moments that make a photograph truly stand out.

  3. Posing WIth Jason Buff Fine Art

  4. Retouching Skills: Jason will share his unique approach to retouching, including techniques like frequency separation. He will guide you through the process of smoothing out skin tones and details, ensuring your images look polished and professional.

    Retouching in Photoshop with Jason Buff Course

  5. Working with Two Lights: The course will also cover working with two lights, providing a front light and a backlight with various kelvin temperatures. This will give your images a beautiful contrast, adding depth and dimension.

  6. Aspirational Learning: The course encourages you to reframe the idea of being a "bad" photographer and instead focus on the process of learning and correcting mistakes. It's about enjoying the process and creating a habit of going into the studio, which is key to improving as a photographer.

    Photography Advice for Fine Art Portrait Photographers

This course is more than just a series of instructional videos. It's an opportunity to learn from a master of the craft, to practice with professional-grade materials, and to develop a deeper understanding of the art and science of photography.

So, are you ready to take your photography skills to the next level? Join us at PRO EDU for "The Art Of Continuous Lighting with Jason Buff." We can't wait to see what you'll create.

Remember, at PRO EDU, we believe that your potential is limitless. Let's explore it together.

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