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"PRO EDU is hands down an essential part of my photo business. I cannot even tell you how much of my daily knowledge in lighting, business, and creative problem solving has come from all of the turorials I've watched."

-Geroge M

Irina Jomir is an accomplished photographer and a member of the PRO EDU PRO Team

Irina Jomir

"Being a part of the PRO EDU community is really fullfilling to my creative soul. It helps fuel and motivate me to keep getting a little better every day. I cannot thank the team enough for what they do for creatives. Highly recomend their courses."

SHIAN BANG is an professional portrait photographer and a PRO Team Member by PRO EDU

Shian Bang

"Photography is my entire life, and PRO EDU has helped me really understand concepts that I never would have gotten without them. Overall I am more more well rounded artists and creative problem solver. My favorite tutorial is from Erik Almas."

Barbara Macferrin is an accomplished photographer and a PRO Team Member from PRO EDU

Barbara Macferrin

"This is by far my favorite community that I've ever been a part of. As an active photographer and teacher, I still find incredible value from tutorials like PRO EDU make. I cannot reccoment them enough. Jump in"

Nick Franken

"My favorite PRO EDU tutorial is retouch workflow with Sef McCullough. Because of FS2.0, learning to isolate and working with a proper workflow my images gained so much quality! Together with his coloring tutorial my photography is next level without the need of somebody else to retouch my pictures."