Clinton Lofthouse is a professional landscape and travel photographer, and he knows what it takes to create beautiful, engaging images. With this pack, you'll have all the elements you need to composite your own landscapes or add an extra touch of realism to your photos.

Isle of Skye Green Rolling Hills Composite Stock Assets

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Composite artists, this one is for you! Clinton Lofthouse has captured a beautiful rolling landscape in the Isle Of Skye, and he's made it available to you in a pack of 6K JPEGS. Whether you're looking to create a breathtaking composite or just need some high-quality stock images for your next project, this pack has everything you need. So don't miss out - add the Composite Stock Asset Pack - Foggy Mountainside to your cart today!

clinton lofthouse stock pack pro edu

Master Collection | Composite Assets & Backgrounds

  1. Get the entire bundle of over 10,000 backplates and high-resolution images from Clinton Lofthouse PRO EDU stock photography for composites in Adobe Photoshop.
  2. composite stock backplates and image assets from Clinton Lofthouse. PRO EDU composites

Master Collection | Composite Assets & Backgrounds

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Composite stock backplates are a great way to get the perfect image for your project. The best part is that you'll be able to combine...

Composite stock backplates are a great way to get the perfect image for your project. The best part is that you'll be able to combine different elements and backgrounds in post-production, which will save you time and money. Clinton Lofthouse offers a library of 10,000 backplates with all sorts of beautiful scenes from around the world - everything from a tropical beach paradise to an old European town square. With this master collection bundle, you'll have access to these 10,000 high-quality images anytime you need them without having to worry about licensing issues or price tags ever again! Download today and own it forever!

This bundle includes all 38 Master Collections: Welsh Village and Epic Cregennan Landscape, Victorian Cemetery, Urban Grime, Urban Explorer, Urban City, Textures Rural, Sean And Waves, Olde English village Pack 1, Olde English Abbey pack 4, Olde English Abbey pack 3, Olde English Abbey Pack 2, Old Mansion, Old English Seaside Town, Old English Fishing Village, Misty Valley Pack, Historic Mansion, Historic English Abbey Pack 2, Historic English Abbey Pack 1, Hidden Woodland Beaches And Waterfalls, Hidden Burial Ground, English Landscape Pack 2 Malham Cove Gordal Scar and Janets Foss, English Landscape Pack 1 Nidderdale, Dramatic Rocky Beach, Dol Goch Waterfall, Dappled Light Forest Pack, Brimham Rocks, Blackstone Edge, Apocalyptic Yorkshire, Ancient Welsh Castle, Ancient English Forest, Ancient English City Pack, Isle of Skye Rolling Seaside, Isle of Skye Roads Less Travelled, Isle of Skye Rivers Lakes Streams and Falls, Isle of Skye | Green Rolling Hills, Isle of Skye | Foggy Mountainside, Isle of Skye | Enchanted Forest, Isle of Skye | Cemeteries and Churches Forgotten.



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