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Wooden Ladder 3D Model | C4D FBX OBJ CGI Asset PRO EDU cinema 4d cgi assets for photographers
Wooden Ladder 3D Model | C4D FBX OBJ CGI Asset PRO EDU before and after cinema 4d octane render engine.

An Essential 3D Model For Portraiture

Do you want to add some authenticity and vintage charm to your studio photography?With our Apple Box Set 3D Model, you can create stunning visuals in no time! These portrait photography mainstays are perfect for posing, props, decorations, or even as functional pieces of equipment. Created with a dark stain so they don’t draw attention away from your subject, these apple boxes are must-haves for any portrait photographer. You won’t find another product like it on the market today. It’s not just an amazing product but also an incredible experience you can have every day of your life.

Wooden Ladder 3D Model | C4D FBX OBJ CGI Asset PRO EDU before render wireframe cinema 4d models and high end props for virtual studios.


The Wooden Ladder 3D Model is the perfect asset to add to your collection. With 10700 polygon count and PBR 4K & 8K textures, this ladder is a great addition to your arsenal of props. It’s also fully compatible with Cinema 4D, Maya, Blender and more! This Wooden Ladder 3D Model has a total polygon count of 37892.

Wooden Ladder 3D Model | C4D FBX OBJ CGI Asset PRO EDU ladders pro edu is the best online cinema4d training center certified by Maxon.


The materials used to create this Wooden Ladder 3D Model were created for Octane & Cinema 4D. If you are using a 3D program other than C4D and Octane Render, materials will need to be created with the textures provided in the downloads. All models are built with low polygon counts, ready for subdivisions and smoothing.


3D models are perfect for any artist who loves telling stories and creating amazing pieces of art. These studio assets allow artists to use computer-generated imagery (CGI) when possible, which can be more efficient than renting or buying props in expensive Studios! These 3D models help artists tell their stories through unique perspectives while utilizing various compositing methods like Reverse Composition in Photoshop making it possible in applications like Cinema 4D. Learn the workflow today and get infinite possibilities with our 3D Models for photographers. Download the Wooden Ladder 3D Model today or get all assets FREE in the Unlimited PRO PLAN.

This model is built with low polygon counts and ready for subdivision and smoothing so it can be used in any program without needing additional work. PRO EDU is the #1 source for 3D models and CGI assets for photographers.


I have purchased several tutorials from PRO EDU and they are all excellent. The best part about these classes is that he keeps releasing more material, which I am very thankful for because it's hard to keep up with everything happening in the world! - Krissa U

Our high-quality studio assets are perfect for anyone looking to create awesome props and scenes for their photoshoots or CG artwork. With our easy-to-use tools, you'll be able to create anything you can imagine right in your own studio!


If you’ve been looking for a prop that will help elevate your portrait photography or studio shooting, look no further. With 10700 polygon count and PBR 4K & 8K textures, the Wooden Ladder 3D Model is perfect to add to your arsenal of props. Whether you want it as an accessory in a scene or just need something tall and narrow to shoot from above, this model has everything you could ask for when it comes to realism and ease of use! You can download the Wooden Ladder 3D Model here today with our easy-to-use Unity package file. Contact us if you have any questions about how we can customize this prop so that it fits seamlessly into your next project!

Wooden Ladder 3D Model

Introducing the Wooden Ladder 3D Model. This realistic prop is perfect for portrait photographers and studio shooters who want to create stunning visuals with ease. With 10700 polygon count and PBR 4K & 8K textures, this ladder is a great addition to your arsenal of props.

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I'm not sure why I didn't find PRO EDU sooner. They are a one-stop shop for all my education needs and their tutorials never disappoint!- Joe M


Wooden Ladder 3D Model FAQ:

Wooden Ladder 3D Model has 37892 Polygon Count and comes with 4K and 8K PBR Textures.

For those familiar with CGI, using our 3D Models is a familiar workflow in your application of choice. If you are brand new to CGI, we recommend first taking CGI For Photographers or Reverse Portrait Compositing to learn exactly how to use the workflow. All education is FREE on the PRO PLAN.

Yes, these CGI Models can be used in most, if not all, CGI software applications. The textures are included for applications outside of Cinema 4D and Octane. C4D FBX OBJ Universal formats are included.

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Wooden Ladder 3D Model | C4D FBX OBJ CGI Asset PRO EDU ladder c4d octane render engine models and classes to get certified.