Magical Smoke Enhancement FX Overlays

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With this magical smoke enhancement pack, you can add a touch of magic to your photos. With 45 unique smoke overlays, you'll have endless possibilities for adding smoky effects to your images. Whether you're working on character portraits or composite art, this smoke pack will give your photos a little extra something special. Delivered in 5,760 Pixel Resolution on the longest Edge.

With over 2,400 overlays to choose from, you can create any effect you desire. Whether you're looking to add smoke and fire effects, action drama, or beautiful bokeh lighting,



Pro Retoucher's Secret Weapon

You know that adding smoke to your photos is a great way to add drama, but you don't want it to look fake or cheesy. The problem with most smoke overlays is that they either look too perfect and computer-generated, or like something out of a cartoon. There's no real-world reference for how the smoke should behave in an image. This pack solves this problem by providing you with unique high rez smoke overlays shot and created here in the studio. Apply them in seconds using blend modes.


Bring your vision to life and upgrade your retouching.




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The variety of this pack offers atmospheric solutions for any project!

Lionel D.

Why so many kinds of smoke? Well because you sometimes need it. Adding so many variations of smoke all over my image creates a real effect that becomes somewhat surreal. I'm in love!

Artur M.