Atmospheric Composite FX Overlays Volume 1

Introducing the perfect addition to your toolkit for creating stunning portraits and composites: Atmospheric Composite Photoshop Overlays Volume 1. This Master Collection contains 135 original, high-resolution Atmospheric Smoke and Haze Overlay Textures captured in High Resolution 5760 x 3840px (jpg). File sizes are less than 4mb each, making them easy to use with any software. So whether you're looking to add a touch of drama or atmosphere to your photos, or create realistic effects that are otherwise impossible to achieve, these overlays will help you do just that.

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Portraiture Pro Lens FX Flare Photoshop Overlays by PRO EDU



Quickly Add a Touch of Drama to Any Photo

Photographers and graphic designers alike are constantly looking for ways to create a more dramatic effect in their work. What if you could add realism, drama or atmosphere to your photos without having to rely on Photoshop filters? This collection of 135 high-quality overlay textures will help you achieve that realistic look with ease. These overlays were created using real smoke and haze particles captured in stunning detail by award-winning photographer Josh Dunlop. The result is a unique set of atmospheric composite Photoshop overlays which can be used as backgrounds, masks, layer effects or even textured brushes!


Bring your vision to life and upgrade your retouching.




How To Use Photoshop Overlays

Learn to wield the incredible power of Photoshop Overlays.

These overlays are the perfect final touch to make your composites stand out. You can do a lot with them. I will definitely continue to use them in my workflow.

Gilmar S.

Such an easy way to make your work stand out. Thanks PRO EDU!

Erin S.