Action & Explosive Debris FX Photoshop Overlays

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Whether you're looking to add a touch of realism to your action sequences or want to add some extra flare to your product shots, these Action & Explosive Debris Photoshop Overlays will give you the edge you need. With 235 unique effects and 6,720 pixel resolution on the longest edge, this Action Pack will let you customize your photos with ease. So why wait? Add some explosive drama to your photos today!
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Only Arnold Has Seen This Much Action

We all know that adding the right kind of special effects to our photos can really help them stand out. But, it's not easy to achieve this on your own. You need a set of high-quality Photoshop overlays and you want them fast. The Action & Explosive Debris Photoshop Overlays are just what you need! These action packs will give you instant access to 235 unique effects and 6,720 pixel resolution on the longest edge! Simply download these Photoshop overlays today and get ready for explosive results!


Bring your vision to life and upgrade your retouching.




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Was perfect for what I was working on, but definitely see myself using these often!

Gretchen D.

In many ways it's better to capture clean images and focus on posing and expression than trying to capture your subject and action or debris. This gives you way more control in Photoshop and looks 100000% real.

Juan S.