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The Photoshop Portraiture and Composite Overlay FX Suite is the perfect tool for creating stunning portraits and composite images.


Overlays are all created and shot on black giving you the ultimate control in Blend Modes to seamlessly add them to your images in your editing software.


This pack gives a great variation in the types of Depth Of Field Smoke Overlays overlays giving you even more possibilities in Photoshop.


Depth Of Field Smoke Overlays has 110 unique photoshop overlay FX so you have more options in editing. Delivered in 5,760 Pixel Resolution on the longest Edge.


Don't worry about losing your assets, you can re-download them from PRO EDU if your ever lose them at no extra cost. 

Explore A New Depth of field

Depth of field is a photographic term used to describe the area in front of and behind an object that appears sharp, or in focus. It's also known as range of focus or zone of sharpness. You can use these overlays to add depth to your images and create surreal atmospheres by blurring out certain parts with smoke or fog effects.

Add a touch of magic to your photos with this magical smoke enhancement pack. These 45 unique smoke overlays will give you endless possibilities for adding smoky effects.  overlay pro edu effects for photoshop

The Hidden Secret Of Composite Artists Is Overlays

These overlays are perfect for adding smoke effects or foggy atmospheres. You can use these overlays to create surreal images that will amaze everyone who sees them!

IGNITE YOUR IMAGES WITH Depth Of Field Smoke Overlays

"I am not sure how I wasn't using these from the beginning but am glad I am now!" -Vlad M.

BUY Depth Of Field Smoke Overlays or GET ALL FX OVERLAYS IN THE BUNDLE

You can download this Overlay's pack individually or bundle every single FX overlays for composites and get 2,420 Photoshop overlays for your portraits, commercial, and composite images today and completely upgrade your portfolio.

Depth Of Field Smoke Overlays

Add depth and create a surreal atmosphere with these 110 Smoke & Atmosphere FX Overlays. This Depth of Field FX Pack comes with an endless amount of possibilities in post-processing. Delivered in 5,760 Pixel Resolution on the longest Edge in JPEG format, these overlays are easy to apply and blend into any composite image.

See Depth Of Field Smoke Overlays In Use

In this tutorial, Dustin shows his techniques on how he uses many Overlays in his photography and CGI works to create depth, cinematic scenes, blend elements together, create atmosphere, convey action, create tension, enhance temperature, and add a myriad of overlays to perfect an image using very simple methods in Adobe Photoshop. Use the same techniques with Depth Of Field Smoke Overlays or download the entire overlay bundle and save over 80% off.


Depth Of Field Smoke Overlays FAQ:

The Depth Of Field Smoke Overlays pack comes with 110 HQ overlays approximately 6,000 pixels on the long side in JPEG format.

Yes can can download these overlays directly to your computer. If you purchased this product, the download links will be sent to you after purchase to download in a .zip file.

If you aren't happy with your purchase at any time within the first 30 days, you can EXCHANGE the product for store credit. Email us at support@proedu.com and we'd be happy to make a recommendation.

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No , this product is not included in the PRO PLAN.

Yes. You can download apps on Apple tvOS, iOS, iPad OS, ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Play for Android.

 Sidestream Smoke PS Overlay pack by Pro Edu. This pack comes with 121 unique Sidestream smoke fx overlays giving you unlimited options in post. PS overlay pack