Puffs Of Smoke Stacks FX Overlays

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With the Puffs of Smoke Stacks Photoshop Overlay Pack, you'll have all the smokey breath you need to give your photos that extra bit of magic. This pack comes with 75 unique smoking plumes FX overlays, so you can create endless possibilities in post-production. Whether you're looking to add a bit of depth and intrigue to your photos or want to create an atmospheric scene, these overlays are perfect for the job.

The Photoshop Portraiture and Composite Overlay FX Suite is the perfect tool for creating stunning portraits and composite images.



Add Depth and Intrigue to Your Images

You want to give your photos a touch of mystery and drama, but you don't want to spend hours in Photoshop. These smokey overlays are perfect for adding that extra bit of magic to your photos. They're easy to use, quick, and can be applied using the layer masks provided or by applying them as Adjustment Layers so you have full control over blending with the original image. What's more is that there are 75 unique plumes included in this pack, meaning you'll never run out! The Puffs of Smoke Stacks Photoshop Overlays - PRO EDU Stock Assets has everything you need for creating beautiful images with a touch of mystery and depth. Just download it now and start creating in seconds.


Bring your vision to life and upgrade your retouching.




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I use this EVERY TIME I am shooting a model who is smoking. I love the drama and control it affords me, it's something I was never able to achieve in camera. Also, my studio smoke detector doesn't interrupt my photoshoots anymore!

Priya H.

I have several of the overlay packs from PRO EDU and I think I use this one the most. I've used them for commercial product photography, but I have so much fun playing with possibilities doing personal projects. Thanks guys!

Orin H.