Flame Kit FX Overlays Bundle Volume 1 & 2

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With the Flame Kit FX Photoshop Overlays Bundle Volume 1 & 2, you'll get a massive collection of 500 unique flame and fire overlays. Whether you're looking to create an intense fiery scene or add a touch of heat to your photos, these overlays will give you unlimited options in Photoshop. Plus, the 6,720 pixel resolution ensures that your flames will always be high quality and look great regardless of what size they are scaled up to.
Including all of our smoke, fire, sparks, action, debris, lens fs , flare , bokeh , and so many more. Download the Suite today and save big



Add heat to your photos without getting burned

If you're looking to add a touch of heat or flames to your photos, then the Flame Kit FX Photoshop Overlays Bundle Volume 1 & 2 is exactly what you need. While there are plenty of great flame overlays on the market, many of them don't have enough options and others have too many that make it hard to find just what you need. This bundle gives you access to 500 unique high-quality fire and flame overlays so that no matter how big or small your project needs are, they'll be covered! The Flame Kit FX Photoshop Overlays Bundle Volume 1 & 2 has everything that any photographer will ever want when it comes to adding fiery effects in Photoshop. With 6,720 pixel resolution for each overlay and an easy-to-use interface with sorting options for color, size, and type; this bundle makes editing easier than ever before. Plus all future updates come free with your purchase so if new overlays become available


Bring your vision to life and upgrade your retouching.




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Awesome overlays! I use these all the time!

Ian D.

This bundle was built for people like me! It literally has everything I need! Now that I have it, I can't imagine doing composites without it! Dustin really understands the depths of what composite photographers need & nailed it with this pack. 10 out of 10!!!

Ryan S.