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Including all of our smoke, fire, sparks, action, debris, lens fs , flare , bokeh , and so many more. Download the Suite today and save big


Overlays are all created and shot on black giving you the ultimate control in Blend Modes to seamlessly add them to your images in your editing software.


This pack gives a great variation in the types of Flame Kit FX Overlays Bundle vol. 1 & 2 overlays giving you even more possibilities in Photoshop.


Flame Kit FX Overlays Bundle vol. 1 & 2 has 500 unique photoshop overlay FX so you have more options in editing. Delivered in 5,760 Pixel Resolution on the longest Edge.


Don't worry about losing your assets, you can re-download them from PRO EDU if your ever lose them at no extra cost. 

Add heat to your photos without getting burned

If you're looking to add a touch of heat or flames to your photos, then the Flame Kit FX Photoshop Overlays Bundle Volume 1 & 2 is exactly what you need. While there are plenty of great flame overlays on the market, many of them don't have enough options and others have too many that make it hard to find just what you need. This bundle gives you access to 500 unique high-quality fire and flame overlays so that no matter how big or small your project needs are, they'll be covered! The Flame Kit FX Photoshop Overlays Bundle Volume 1 & 2 has everything that any photographer will ever want when it comes to adding fiery effects in Photoshop. With 6,720 pixel resolution for each overlay and an easy-to-use interface with sorting options for color, size, and type; this bundle makes editing easier than ever before. Plus all future updates come free with your purchase so if new overlays become available

 particle pack full of debris and atmospheric effects. This collection contains 100 unique particle FX overlays, allowing you to create an atmosphere with just the right amount of grit and texture.  PRO EDU overlays

Professional quality &high resolution overlays

The Flame Kit FX Photoshop Overlays Bundle Volume 1 & 2 has everything that any photographer will ever want to create the most realistic images and composites. You'll get over 100 high-quality flame overlays in both color and black & white versions so that they can be used with any photo no matter how dark or light it may be.

IGNITE YOUR IMAGES WITH Flame Kit FX Overlays Bundle vol. 1 & 2

"This bundle was built for people like me! It literally has everything I need! Now that I have it, I can't imagine doing composites without it! Dustin really understands the depths of what composite photographers need & nailed it with this pack. 10 out of 10!!!" -Ryan S.

BUY Flame Kit FX Overlays Bundle vol. 1 & 2 or GET ALL FX OVERLAYS IN THE BUNDLE

You can download this Overlay's pack individually or bundle every single FX overlays for composites and get 2,420 Photoshop overlays for your portraits, commercial, and composite images today and completely upgrade your portfolio.

Flame Kit FX Overlays Bundle Volume 1 & 2

With the Flame Kit FX Photoshop Overlays Bundle Volume 1 & 2, you'll get a massive collection of 500 unique flame and fire overlays. Whether you're looking to create an intense fiery scene or add a touch of heat to your photos, these overlays will give you unlimited options in Photoshop. Plus, the 6,720 pixel resolution ensures that your flames will always be high quality and look great regardless of what size they are scaled up to.

See Flame Kit FX Overlays Bundle vol. 1 & 2 In Use

In this tutorial, Dustin shows his techniques on how he uses many Overlays in his photography and CGI works to create depth, cinematic scenes, blend elements together, create atmosphere, convey action, create tension, enhance temperature, and add a myriad of overlays to perfect an image using very simple methods in Adobe Photoshop. Use the same techniques with Flame Kit FX Overlays Bundle vol. 1 & 2 or download the entire overlay bundle and save over 80% off.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT Flame Kit FX Overlays Bundle vol. 1 & 2

Flame Kit FX Overlays Bundle vol. 1 & 2 FAQ:

The Flame Kit FX Overlays Bundle vol. 1 & 2 pack comes with 500 HQ overlays approximately 6,000 pixels on the long side in JPEG format.

Yes can can download these overlays directly to your computer. If you purchased this product, the download links will be sent to you after purchase to download in a .zip file.

If you aren't happy with your purchase at any time within the first 30 days, you can EXCHANGE the product for store credit. Email us at support@proedu.com and we'd be happy to make a recommendation.

We have a 30-Day satisfaction guarantee with our products. If you feel like this product didn't meet your needs, you can exchange it for another product at equal or lesser value or receive a store credit for future use. We allow up to three exchanges per year.

As long as the product is sold at PRO EDU, you will have access to download the content. In many cases, even after the product is no longer sold, you can access download links through our Legacy download system.

You can re-download past purchased from PRO EDU by going go our legacy download manager using the email address you originally used to purchase your products HERE.


No , this product is not included in the PRO PLAN.

Yes. You can download apps on Apple tvOS, iOS, iPad OS, ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Play for Android.

Spark your creativity with these stunning overlays! Fire can be an incredibly powerful element in photography, and with Sparks FX Volume 1 & 2, you'll have all the sparks you need to create realistic and dynamic fire effects.