Sparks FX Overlays Volume 1 & 2

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Spark your creativity with these stunning overlays! Fire can be an incredibly powerful element in photography, and with Sparks FX Volume 1 & 2, you'll have all the sparks you need to create realistic and dynamic fire effects. With 160+ overlays to choose from, you'll be able to add depth and realism to any photo with ease. So ignite your imagination and set your photos ablaze with Sparks FX Volume 1 & 2!
Including all of our smoke, fire, sparks, action, debris, lens fs , flare , bokeh , and so many more. Download the Suite today and save big



Add fire to any image with just one click!

Creating realistic fire effects in Photoshop can be incredibly time-consuming. Sparks FX Volume 1 & 2 is a set of 160+ overlays that will help you create stunning, professional-looking fire effects with ease! It comes with everything you need to add sparks, flames, and smoke to your photos quickly and easily. With the Sparks FX tools at your disposal, creating amazing fiery images has never been easier. This bundle includes 10 different packs full of detailed overlays for all kinds of awesome fire effects - from crackling fires, blazing infernos, and glowing embers to raging bonfires, burning buildings, and flaming lava flows! There are literally thousands of variations available to use straight out of the box.


Bring your vision to life and upgrade your retouching.




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Exactly what my library was missing! I love the variety and quality in PRO EDU overlays,- never disappointed!

Stefan W.

As a composite newbie I found these incredibly helpful to blend my various elements together to give more mood and atmosphere in my images. Overlays are a pretty easy concept, but having the right ones in a massive library was a huge help. Have always been satisfied with my purchases at PRO EDU!

Ryan P.