Floor & Whisp Smoke FX Overlays

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With the Floor & Whisp Smoke FX Photoshop Overlay Pack, you'll get 70 unique smoke overlays to help you create atmosphere and FX in your images. These overlays are high-resolution and easy to use, so you can blend them with your action, hero, subjects, and elements to create perfect photos every time. Whether you're a professional photographer or just starting out, this pack will help you take your photos to the next level. Delivered in 5,760 Pixel Resolution on the longest Edge.
Portraiture Pro Lens FX Flare Photoshop Overlays by PRO EDU



Add The Perfect Atmosphere To Your Work

Using Photoshop overlays can be difficult and time-consuming. This smoke overlay pack will save you a ton of time. You'll get 70 high-resolution, easy-to-use smoke overlays that are perfect for any photo or video project. Use these overlays to create professional-looking images in minutes instead of hours! Whether you're shooting portraits, landscapes, nature scenes or products - this pack has the right overlay for your next shoot!


Bring your vision to life and upgrade your retouching.




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Floored by these overlays - pun intended!

Jeff W.

There are so many kinds of smoke and haze andatmosphere. I love that Dustin has gone into such detail with each pack and has such a variety in each one.

Kyle P.