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Introduction to Cinema 4d for photographers with Dustin Valkema. UV mapping tutorial and basics for learning c4d from a maxon certified instructor.
The best Intro 101 course for cinema 4d and octane render engine tutorial for photographers with dustin valkema maxon certified trainer.


Learning a new program is hard, especially when you're trying to get something done and the tutorials are boring. I've been there! I know how it feels to have no idea what's going on in your software because of bad tutorials. That's why my intro course is different than all the others. You'll learn by doing and following along with me as we create an entire commercial shoot from scratch using Cinema 4D and Octane render engine for 3d rendering, compositing, and animation workflows. By taking this course you will be able to produce a finished product that can be used for portfolio pieces or even sold outright if your heart desires it. This 94 part series covers everything from installation setup, modeling, texturing/painting, lighting set ups and everything you need to retouch renders to create realistic images.

Intro to UV mapping in cinema 4D tutorial from PROEDU.com. Certified Maxon training and education school online.


Do you know all the people who resisted digital photography and held onto film cause it would never be replaced? Welp, all of those people didn't make it and went out of business. We're half joking here, but we are serious that we believe ALL photographers should understand this process. When you know what this can do, your clients will love it.

Intro to C4d tools for photographers/ Intro 101 course for cinema 4d and octane render engine tutorial for photographers with dustin valkema maxon certified trainer


You’re about to learn the basics of 3D modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering. We’ll start with a simple cube and work our way up to complex objects. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to get started with CGI or just brush up on their skills and apply them to their photography.


Easy to Follow!- Justin A.


The photography industry was just decimated during the pandemic. The need to quarantine made photo shoots impossible and dangerous. CGI can be done by remote teams all over the world and create better results with a fraction of the budget. All you need is the idea! If you are ready for an adventure then let's go! I'll see you inside the classroom...where anything can happen :) When you are ready to start learning the basics of the CGI industry, starting with this tutorial is a great first step. Afterwards you will have the foundational knowledge to begin to speak the language of CGI with fellow artists and will start to build a working knowledge to build upon. For photographers that already know lighting, you are already half way there! Start learning this today or join the Unlimited PRO PLAN and get access to everything included our CGI 3D Model packs.

Intro To Cinema 4D | Part 1

Intro to Cinema 4D and Octane render engine is a 94 part series to take photographers from zero to functional in both the program and the idea of what CGI can do for a photographer or creative director's workflow. You can dip your toes in the water with this course, or buy part's 2 and 3 that come with complete creative builds and bundle packages to get discounts on the software as well.

Intro To Cinema 4D | Part 1 is available for FREE in the PRO PLAN membership. Sign up today and get access to this product and thousands of hours of tutorials.


About Dustin Valkema

Dustin spent the better part of a decade as a senior team leader at a 3D agency producing work for some of the biggest clients and brand names in the world. Today he has joined forces with PRO EDU to begin to teach the limitless possibilities that can be achieved with 3D.

Dustin Valkema Bio profile pro edu instructor for cinema 4d and cgi product rendering and retouching.

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Great introduction to CGI! - Monique H.


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Introduction To Cinema 4D & OCTANE has 94 tutorial videos and is approximately 18.0 hours in length.

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Intro 101 course for cinema 4d and octane render engine tutorial for photographers with dustin valkema maxon certified trainer.