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CGI for Photographers | Studio Rendering For Portraits with Dustin Valkema - PRO EDU maxon certified training center for software student pricing.
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As a photographer, you want to create the best images possible. You know that your clients will love them and they'll help you stand out from the competition. But there's one problem...you don't have access to an Oscar-worthy studio or professional models! We supply a photo studio used at the Oscars by a famous photographer that we modeled to scale. Oh, and you get this for free inside! CGI for photographers is here to solve this problem with our new course on how to do full scale studio renderings in 3D software. This technology has been used by top studios around the world for years, but now it's finally available to everyone at an affordable price. With unlimited possibilities at your fingertips, you can create any type of portrait or scene you desire. Whether it's a recreation of an iconic moment from history or something completely original, the sky is the limit with CGI for photographers!

learn CGI cinema 4d tutorials. The best training classes for cinema 4d and octane render proedu.com


Have you ever wanted to create a replica of an iconic moment from history? With CGI for photographers, it's easier than ever and we've supplied you with a legendary photo studio you can use in infinite ways. In this course, we'll show you how to recreate the famous studio from last year's Oscars.

 the best Intro 101 course for cinema 4d and octane render engine tutorial for photographers with dustin valkema maxon certified trainer.


We show you how easy it is to use these tools and give you everything you need so that all your portraits look like they were taken by a professional studio photographer. Whether it's recreating an iconic moment or creating something entirely unique, CGI has never been easier than now!


Mind freaking blown. I cannot beleive this exists and am so excited to master this new technique for portraiture and changing my environments.- Caleb G.


Photographing your clients in a studio can be expensive. The cost of renting studio space, paying for set construction and props, as well as the travel to and from the location is not cheap. Agitate: Now there is an affordable alternative that gives you all of the benefits without any of these costly expenses. CGI makes it possible to give your client a photograph they will love while saving you time and money! Solution: In this video tutorial course, we will show you how to create professional looking photo shoots at home using only free resources available online or in your own backyard. By following our step-by-step instructions in this video series, anyone can build their own Hollywood Photo Studio for their clients with unlimited possibilites. You can even re-edit your older work using our reverse compositing methods taught here.

The Complete Hollywood Photo Studio Build | Part 3

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In part 3 we are going to the Oscars. For the third part of CGI for photographers, we show the beginning stages of what's truly possible. Building a full 3D studio that you can work in with unlimited possibilities. That's right, an unreal replica of the famous photo studio from the 2019 Oscars concept from Mark Seliger. This is an homage to his work and is in no way affiliated with him, just an example of what you can do when you don't have the budget or means to build yourself an Oscars studio.

The Complete Hollywood Photo Studio Build | Part 3 is available for FREE in the PRO PLAN membership. Sign up today and get access to this product and thousands of hours of tutorials.


About Dustin Valkema

I’m a seasoned creative artist, a student who’s spent a whole lot of time learning to learn from failure. Pushing my creative boundaries is a thriving passion of mine and I enjoy helping others do the same. Learning a new skill set can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. I see too many artists quit before starting on a new path, but pushing through that winding path will lead to fruitful creativity. I’m looking forward to using my industry experience as a Composite and CGI artist to help you dive into your new journey. It’s important to never forget that we’re all “forever students” and continuously adapting our toolbox and workflows. Let’s take the dive together and make cool shit!

Dustin Valkema Bio profile pro edu instructor for cinema 4d and cgi product rendering and retouching.


Great courses with high quality and very good explanations! The fact that this comes with an Irving Pen replica studio is just insane! - Eduardo U.



CGI VIRTUAL PORTRAIT STUDIOS IN C4D has 10 tutorial videos and is approximately 6.0 hours in length.

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Great courses with high quality

Great courses with high quality and very good explanations

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