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Jai Mayhew Teaches How To Empower Strong
Confident Women One Portrait At A Time

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Available December 2020

In designing this tutorial and building the curriculum we surveyed our audience about what they wanted the most in retouching. And overwhelmingly, it was about color grading. And the important thing about color grading, is that it really depends on the RAW images you start with. That's why we've added 77 RAW images from cameras like Nikon, Fuji Medium Format, and Hasselblad so YOU can see the possibilities on what you can do with various files and the methodology that Justin has developed over his career.


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Hi There! 👋🏼,

Welcome! I’m so excited you’re here. My name is Jai Mayhew, I’m a portrait & fashion photographer, and I cannot wait to teach you the art and the business of Luxe Portraiture and my approach to empowering women.

I cater to a unique clientele of women - everyday, real, beautiful women - who come to me looking for a shoot experience like no other. They’re looking to be pampered, validated, empowered. I’ve put a workflow in place to make sure that every client who walks through my doors is treated like a queen and photographed like a model, and I’m going to show you every step of my process in a VERY detailed tutorial that I've been planning and writing with PRO EDU for months!

We’ll start by talking marketing (how to attract those dream clients), where to source high end products and how to structure your pricing menus to boost your sales. I’ll walk you through the pre-shoot process I’ve created for my clients to ensure a surprise free and enjoyable shoot (for them and for you). More importantly we are going to focus and tackle the customer experience and how I was able to build my six figure business through in person sales.

Of course I’m going to take you behind the scenes into full photoshoots designed by PRO EDU. But you’re not just going to watch my lighting or see how I shoot. This is going to be different than the rest of the shoots or tutorials for women's portraiture.

I’m going to teach you HOW and WHY I light, pose, and angle the way I do to create an editorial feel in my work. This is a big part of empowering women and building confidence, no matter what. This isn’t just another lighting course, this is a class on retraining your eye, elevating your work, revamping your business and attracting your dream clients. This is a course about empowering YOU. I can’t wait to get started!

I Can't Wait To Welcome You To My Studio

Jai Mayhew



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Luxe Portraiture & Retouching With Jai Mayhew