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7 Ways to Improve Your Self Confidence as a Photographer

Every photographer struggles with self-confidence. We are convinced our work isn’t as good as that of our peers, and that someday people will see us for what we really are: frauds who happened to g...

real estate photography tutorial review - 5 stars

Real Estate Photography Tutorial With Barry MacKenzie Review

I was pretty surprised when the guys at PRO EDU asked me to review their tutorial, Real Estate Photography with Barry MacKenzie, because I don’t care about Real Estate photography. I’ve never photo...

accurate black and white layer mask with apply image

Create Accurate Black and White Layer Masks With Apply Image

There are dozens of different ways to create layer masks in Photoshop, but one of the fastest and most accurate ways is using Apply Image. Whether you want to replace a sky or create a luminosity m...

Portrait photography in person sales model

Is In-Person Sales the Best Business Model for Portrait Photography?

Choosing a model for your portrait business can be a daunting task. How do you navigate the waters of sales models, customer service types, product offerings, and marketing?


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become a happier photographer with daily gratitude

Become a Happier Photographer with Daily Gratitude

When photographers think about how they want their careers to be identified, words like successful, sought-after, and award-winning often top the list. But how often do we prioritize words like hap...

customer service goals for photography

5 Customer Service Business Goals You Can Set Today

Customer service is arguably the most important part of any business. You can have an outstanding product or service, but if your customers don’t get treated well, they’ll go somewhere else.

Build a photography story through a photo essay

How to Build a Photography Story with a Photo Essay

Why is storytelling important? Because telling stories is how humans make meaning. The tradition goes back to the beginning of language and it’s just as important in visual traditions as it is in o...

Reframing psychology can make you a better photographer

How Reframing Psychology Can Make You a Better Photographer

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help you change thought patterns that don't serve you. So how can Reframing, a CBT technique, help you become a better photographer?

Having a growth mindset for my photography business

How Can A Growth Mindset Help My Photography Business?

Photography businesses are generally very small operations. Their owner is almost always their artist in chief, as well. The photographer’s beliefs about themselves, the world at large, and others ...

a guide to pricing your work as a photographer

How Much Should I Charge? A Photography Pricing Guide

In this blog post you'll learn what concrete steps you can take to create a solid price structure that will work for both you and your business.

The use of CGI in photography, is it ready?

Is CGI A Threat To Photographers?

Is CGI a threat to photographers? Well, quite frankly, the answer is yes. In my opinion, CGI is a threat to photographers that struggle to embrace change and the evolution of the photography indust...

New Instructor Lineup PRO EDU Photography

New Instructor Lineup at PRO EDU 2020

We are super excited to announce 10 brand new instructors coming to PRO EDU and a full-time CGI artist that we now have on staff as our resident artist. Also we've extended the quarantine sale for ...

The Photography Community

PRO EDU Is Hiring | We're Putting $60,000 Back Into The Photography Community

For 90 days we are going to invest back into the photography community to help create content, create jobs, and provide value to the community that built us.