New Instructor Lineup at PRO EDU 2020

May 28, 2020

New Instructor Lineup at PRO EDU 2020

New Tutorials & Instructor Lineup

Introducing a brand new lineup of experts and artists that we are excited to partner with. Introducing 10 new artists to bring you the most comprehensive photography education available on the Internet available soon at PRO EDU.

Watch the trailer teaser below.


CGI Education Is Coming!

First off, let me say that we've hired a full time 3D artist Dustin Valkema on staff to create content full time, specifically CGI. This is never something we've had before and are excited to start publishing classes dedicated towards learning everything CGI can do for an artist. On top of being a lead Senior CGI artist, Dustin is a top notch retoucher so the classes will be a mix of 3D and advanced retouching for Photoshop! These will be classes for sale and also all part of the Unlimited PRO PLAN.

Why Should Photographers Learn CGI? 

We believe this is the way of the future and every year it's been more prominent. It can be used to add something small into a scene like background prop or chair, or it can create the entire environment from scratch. The possibilities are endless!

Photographers that understand lighting will be able to jumpstart their abilities to leverage CGI to add to their current photography to create the environments, props, and sets that were unachievable before due to price or availability. It's the ultimate tool for the creative mind!

We can't wait to show you everything it can do!

New Instructors Coming To PRO EDU

In addition to a full time dedicated CGI Artist, we've committed to creating new projects with Jai Mayhew, Justin Lister, Cheryl Walsh, Jonny Edward, Lisa Carney, Clay Cook, Nino Batista, Tina Eisen, and Clinton Lofthouse

Start following them if you haven't already as we begin to introduce a variety of classes and Master Collections from the new experts that we've partnered with at PRO EDU. 

Never Stop Learning!

When Will Content Be Released?

We have already begun production on these tutorials above and hope to begin releasing content from Instructors in early summer 2020, so very soon.

Apple tvOS App Is Coming!

We are continuing to make big updates to the PRO PLAN and apps available for everyone.  After a LOT of requests we will be announcing the Apple TV app soon so you can kick back on the couch and watch a lot of the new content and series we have coming out.

WE NOW ACCEPT AUD $, GBP £, BRL R$, CAD $, EUR €, DKK kr, JPY ¥, MXN $, NZD $, NOK kr, PLN zł, SEK kr. Check your global pricing in your local currency HERE.

Quarantine Sale Extended 50-80% Off!

We've also decided to extend the popular bundle sale after many of you requested an extension. All tutorials are currently 50% off and you can save up to 80% off with the codes below! These bundle codes are available for Tutorials and Master Collections so feel free to combine them to stock up on your education.


25% Off Any Purchase With the Code: INDOORS
Any Two Tutorials at $99 or more for $109: INDOORS2
Three Tutorials For $158 With Code: INDOORS3
Four Tutorials For $179 With Code: INDOORS4

Codes cannot be combined or stacked. 1 code/discount per checkout.

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