PRO EDU Is Hiring | We're Putting $60,000 Back Into The Photography Community

April 09, 2020

PRO EDU Is Hiring | We're Putting $60,000 Back Into The Photography Community

COVID-19 Relief Writing Grants For Photographers

We are currently hiring 15 talented staff writers that can write their ass off. We've decided to put $60,000 back into our community of photographers who want to share their knowledge and build solutions for other photographers. Part of that $60,000 will go towards our content writing team. Our goal for the writing segment is 90 articles in 90 days.

We are looking for writers that want to create valuable recommendations to their peers. We're looking for experts in the following categories:

What Categories Should You Write About

1.) Live Streaming & Work From Home Communication Hardware & Software Solutions
2.) Hardware & Software Solutions For Retouchers
3.) Computer Hardware & Backup Solutions
4.) Printing Your Work From Home
5.) Photography Gear & Home Studio Solutions
6.) Portrait Photography Tips, Tricks, Techniques, and Everything In Between
7.) Home Studio Photography Experts - I.E Food, Beverage, Product, Real Estate & anything you can do indoors.
8.) Business & Marketing Experts. Future Proofing Your Brand Solutions

A writer can tackle 1 of these topics or write about several. We will only be publishing the best content from subject matter experts.

We will only be publishing articles with honest solutions. None of these articles will be backed or sponsored from brands or products being recommended. The solutions will be 100% based on experience.

Content That Matters

Here's how we are going to ensure the articles are amazing! Each PRO EDU writer will be paired with an SEO expert and content manager. Your goal is to write content that can make it past quality control and get published. Your pay is contingent upon receiving feedback from your SEO partner and editing accordingly to get your idea published. We won't publish anything. We will publish quality. It will set in a new precedent.

Before starting each of your articles your idea will be approved and you will be given a content brief with very strict instructions and a guideline for how to write what you want to write. You will be expected to add your own imagery to support your articles.


There will be zero click-bait bullshit. You are not here to repost something someone else made or over sensationalize the content. Your hunt to find and share something viral is over. Your articles will be 100% written by you with supporting imagery because you love to write about what you write about.

Each will be in-depth, honest, and provide value for those reading it. We want quality, not quantity.

We will be publishing 1 article per day for 90 days once we launch along with a variety of other content that people should find value in.

If you are tired of reading bullshit articles and would like to partner with us to create quality and value, then please apply.

Writers will be paid a flat fee of $200 per article. We will also be investing $100 to promote your article through Facebook & Instagram advertising. Your article will be seen. Your opinion and suggestion will be heard.

Write as many as you'd like during this 90 day period once you get your idea and topic are approved by the SEO managers.


We have made a GOOGLE FORM you can apply to here. We will contact you if we feel that it is a good fit. We may not have the time to respond to everyone and we appreciate your interest in this campaign.

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