Real Estate Photography Tutorial With Barry MacKenzie Review

real estate photography tutorial review - 5 stars

I was pretty surprised when the guys at PRO EDU asked me to review their tutorial, Real Estate Photography with Barry MacKenzie, because I don’t care about Real Estate photography. I’ve never photographed a house in my life. I photograph people and, sometimes, I even turn them into fairies, so, while I do enjoy getting to peek inside other people’s homes, as evidenced by the hours I’ve spent binge watching HGTV, I seemed like a pretty strange choice of reviewer for a tutorial on real estate photography.

I’m also probably the only writer they know, and we did share some good—really good—bourbon at their Black and White party in New York during PhotoPlus Expo, so I guess that made me a shoo-in?

Despite not being an obvious choice of reviewer, the PRO EDU guys might be cleverer than I thought in asking me. After all, how many of us pick up a camera for the first time and think, “You know what I’d like to do? Go into stranger’s homes and take pictures of their stuff.”

(SIDE NOTE...If you have no idea what this real estate photography tutorial is about, check out this trailer)


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