Unite With Photographers in Your Animal House

Photographers in Your Animal House

Choose your animal house and unite with other photographers. Are you Black Raven, Indigo Ape, Grizzly Gray, or Iron Viper? Find out and get your free t-shirt with a PRO EDU Unlimited Plan.

Black Raven Animal House
Black Raven

House Words: Survive the Game

You might be new to photography but you are definitely not afraid to show off. With confidence and style, you ride the winds of change and show the veterans in this industry what's possible. Photography is more than a craft to you and you understand the true nature of the hustle. You definitely have a habit of biting off more than you can chew, but often that works in your favor. You are a highly collaborative creative that derives energy from your flock.

Indigo Ape Animal House
Indigo Ape

House Words: Protect the Troop

You are a strong visual creator with several years of experience. You are trusted by your peers and know how to command a set. Preparation is key to your success as you plan for every situation possible. You have difficulty admitting when you are wrong but you usually aren't. Your strength comes from the validation of your community and when things get difficult you can always find a solution. You think it's adorable when Black Ravens try to show off and end up taking a nosedive.

Grizzly Gray Animal House
Grizzly Gray

House Words: Never Swayed Never Played

You are not bothered with the urgency to constantly produce mountains of content. You hibernate in your cave planning ideas until you are ready to emerge. You give your work the attention it deserves making it an order of magnitude more powerful. Your patience is usually rewarded as you ignore the trends and focus on your own ideas. You thrive in solitude but still keep friends close to help promote your latest campaign. You often fall slightly behind on the latest gear and tech and end up saving money and producing better work.

Iron Viper Animal House
Iron Viper

House Words: We are Near

Very little is known about you and the information we do have is not necessarily accurate. We believe that you are unpredictable, highly intelligent and very driven. You consistently deliver complicated creative imagery with little to no crew. There seems to be traces of you operating as independents as well as working in agencies and larger studios. One thing we do know is that there are a lot of you and you are everywhere. Please come forward if you know more about this elusive group.

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