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Submissions are due by August 31





We'd like to invite you to participate in a FREE photography assignment to flex your creativity and show your skiils as an artist.

You can use any all all photography tools, software, and editing systems to create a final image and you can even work in teams!

Follow the client brief below and plan, shoot, edit, and deliver an amazing image that you are proud of.

We hope you use this contest and all of your tools as a fun and creative way to make art.

May the most creative problem solver win!

Here is your creative assignment prompt:


Using this statement above, use any and all image making resources and tools at your disposal that convey this storyline while adhering to US Copyright and trademark law.

AUG 31

11:59pm PST 8/31/23 is the deadline to submit.

Winners will be announced September 5th.

Client Brief


This image is for a NON EXISTENT "famous dress company" that wants to use these images for next years summer dress campaign. You are to have fun and be creative with an image that somehow tells the story and conveys a Damsel In Dis Dress (Damsel in Distress). Submit 1 image to this company to show your ability to create imagery they could use to sell their dresses using your lighting, styling, and editing skills to create an amazing image that people stop scrolling to look at.

Dress Info

The subjects, or subjects of the campaign should be wearing dress. Any kind of dresses, just remember that this is an imaginary brand (fashion/lifestyle/classic) so have fun and focus on your story and technical ability to create an image that could be used for advertising a product like a dress through advertising.


Dresses or the model should have some element of distress, or the emotion of the characters should have an element of distress, a play on the theme Distress and pun DIS DRESS. Remember that the judges have to make a quick association with what you did with the assignment, so keep it simple.


The damsel in distressis a recurring narrative device in which one or more men must rescue a woman who has either been kidnapped or placed in general peril. Use DIS DRESS to have fun and play with this scenario and make it your own. We are not saying you have to use men at all, for anything, they're useless either way. You just have to use a Damsel in Dis Dress and you can interpret that any way you want to.

Aspect Ratio

Any aspect ration you prefer to tell your story. Use aspect ratio with intent and remember that these could be used on social media (3x4), billborards, magazines, etc so think about where your ad might be displayed.


Do not over sexualize or use any nudity in this contest. Nudity will not be accepted. It can be sexy, just don't go nuts and use your best judgement. Don't be "that guy." Think of popular dress brands and see that they are doing.


Do NOT show any alcohol brands or drugs whatsoever. Submissions with any alcohol or blatant illegal activity will not be considered.

This is a great competition because it creates a mock environment just like a commercial assignment would be and allows me to translate ideas of others with my own style.

Derek W

Three winners will be chosen


We will award three places and a submission prize for entering.



Second Place - TBD




May the best artist/prompter win

Grading Criteria

You will be graded by 3 main categories from our judges. Each category will have 1-10 with 10 being the max. Whichever artist has the most points wins. Judges will pick their favorite 10 photos and score their final 10. Grading will not be something everyone gets, so your image may not have any feedback.

Creativity + Style

🤟 Graded from 0-10

🤟 0 would be a total rip off and no originality.

🤟 10 would be a totally new concept that stops someone from scrolling and forces someone to stare at the image in amazement for a long time


🤟 Graded from 0-10

🤟 0 would be really sloppy details or issues with the images quality, composition, and overall problems that distract the viewer from the message. Images will be cartoonish and clearly not a photograph.

🤟 10 would be a flawless image that draws the viewer into the story and zero distractions are proposed. Should not look like a composite or fake image at all.

Humor + STORY

🤟 Graded from 0-10

🤟 0 would be not funny at all. Zero laughs given or offensive in nature.

🤟 10 would be at LEAST 50% of people who look at the image shoot chocolate milk out of their nose and laugh for hours and show all of their friends.


Questions about the Assignment?

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May The Most Creative Artist Win

Meet The Judges

Learn A Little About Our Judges

Hugo Ceneviva

Hugo Ceneviva is a creative retouching and visual artist with over 10 years of experience, having spent most of his career in the United States, where he has lived since 2014.Hugo has held creative retoucher positions at the world's leading agencies and production companies.

Some of the agencies Hugo has worked with include: Tim Tadder Photography, Elevendy Studio, Vitro, Icon LLC Dubai, Lett Studio, Tag Communication, Photographers Around the World and currently at Apple Inc as a digital artist.Hugo has been published in over 15 magazines worldwide, including 4 times in Advanced Photoshop.

In addition to several blogs and sites around the world.Hugo is the creator of the Dodge & Burn Podcast, a podcast about digital art in Brazil.


Simon Rafael Diez

"Being a part of the PRO EDU community is really fullfilling to my creative soul. It helps fuel and motivate me to keep getting a little better every day. I cannot thank the team enough for what they do for creatives. Highly recomend their courses."

SHIAN BANG is an professional portrait photographer and a PRO Team Member by PRO EDU

Shian Bang

"Photography is my entire life, and PRO EDU has helped me really understand concepts that I never would have gotten without them. Overall I am more more well rounded artists and creative problem solver. My favorite tutorial is from Erik Almas."

Barbara Macferrin is an accomplished photographer and a PRO Team Member from PRO EDU

Barbara Macferrin

"This is by far my favorite community that I've ever been a part of. As an active photographer and teacher, I still find incredible value from tutorials like PRO EDU make. I cannot reccoment them enough. Jump in"


Nick Franken

"My favorite PRO EDU tutorial is retouch workflow with Sef McCullough. Because of FS2.0, learning to isolate and working with a proper workflow my images gained so much quality! Together with his coloring tutorial my photography is next level without the need of somebody else to retouch my pictures."


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