Welsh Village and Epic Cregennan Landscape

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This photo stock pack provides artists with an interesting and unique visual reference for creating Welsh-themed artwork. The images are high resolution, making them perfect for use in composites or Photoshop projects. With 276 different photos to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect shot to help you create your desired outcome. Whether you're looking to add some historical accuracy to your work or just want a touch of Welsh charm, this photo stock is a must-have.


Build A Library Of Photoshop Composite Assets

Whether you're an amateur photographer or a professional one, this Composite Stock Welsh Fishing Village is perfect for your next project. Clinton Lofthouse has gone to great lengths to make sure this pack offers everything you need to create stunning composite images. From fishing boats and cottages to seagulls and lighthouses, this pack has it all


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Build an authentic image with real elements

Photography stock assets are essential for any digital artist looking to create realistic image composites. By delivering images in RAW format, artists are able to manipulate the data without damaging the original file. This allows for a non-destructive workflow, giving artists the freedom to experiment with different techniques and effects


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ABOUT Clinton Lofthouse

Clinton Lofthouse is a creative director, photographer, and creative art worker who resides in the north of England. He has been solving visual problems for businesses, brands, and agencies for the past 8 years, including Apple, Liam Payne, Nike, Adobe, Crypt TV, Warwick Castle, and York Dungeon.

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