Beer Photography

Rob Grimm teaches creative approaches to beer photography

Beer photography is a complex specialty requiring great technique combined with creative thought processes. Beer is not just one object, it's a whole bunch of little components that need to be treated and brought into their best light. How do you make a beer into something that has emotion?

Beer Photography Tricks

Rob Grimm will share with you the beer photography tricks he has used for three decades making him one of the leading beer and beverage photographers in the industry. He will teach you to completely rethink your creative beer photography process in order to bring emotion and desire into every image, captivating the viewer. Rob will share his obsessive approach to every detail along with tricks for creating any location shoot with the control of working in the studio.

Beer Photography Retouching

Rob has partnered with retoucher Earth Oliver to show you how to bring all of the complex elements of beer photography into a polished and striking image. He shows the entire workflow on how to retouch beer glass, bottle, and pour images in Photoshop.

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