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Dave Fogarty

The App Is A Lifesaver

I work as Connor McGregor's full-time photographer and shoot his liquor brands, his restaurants, his sports shoots, editorial, commercial portraits, you name it. What I love about this app is that I can download courses to watch again on the plane. It's a lifesaver.

Pedro Oliveira

It's Helped Me So Much

I moved to the USA about 7 years ago from Brazil with nothing and knew almost no one. I watched so many courses from PRO EDU that really helped me understand the industry, the language, the way to conduct yourself. It's so good.

Clinton Lofthouse

A Playground For Creatives

I found PRO EDU many years back and have used a lot of courses to get better and better every day. There's so much to know in this industry that it's overwhelming at times but they've consolidated so much priceless information that sitting right there for you. 11/10


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