Mix Pack | RAW Backdrops & Textures

Elevate Your Images with Texture

This Mix Sample Pack is a collection of all 3 Master Collections for Portrait, Grime, and Stone digital backgrounds made from city textures from around the world. It includes both original images not found in the other master collections and some images found in the Portrait Master Collection, Stone Master Collection, and Grime Master Collection. 

Comes with 100 RAW+ images shot on the 42 MP Sony A7 R III plus 100 8K resolution JPEG's that have been processed and exported, ready for use. These files can be used for printing custom backdrops, retouching, composites, graphic design, posters, and anything you can come up with.

We travelled the globe to shooting 10,000+ images from dozens of cities. These city textures included in this collection are a good mixture from the other 3 City Texture master collections. Photoshop textures offer endless creativity in post production allowing you to create backgrounds, subtle textures, depth or add visual interest and color to your final images.

The City Textures Master Collection includes a variety of grunge, brick, rock, stone, plaster, wood, metal, rust, and other urban textures and surfaces in high-resolution photographs captured in New York, Washington D.C, Puerto Rico, São Paulo, Austin, Chicago, L.A, and more. 

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