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With the Master Collection, we've combined all 10 Creative Profile Packs to give you 100 3D LUT Photoshop and Lightroom Profiles.

The Master Collection combines the following packs: Candy Cigarettes, Cocaine Roller Derby, Daily Bread, Lucid Dream, Northwest Haze, Psychedelic Shores, Rosemary, Silver Screen, Sterling, and Vintage Brooklyn. These 3D LUTs were made to work with a specific type of image, and some actually cross over to work on a wide variety of image types.

100 3D LUT Profiles for Photoshop, Adobe Camera RAW, and Lightroom

This extremely diverse pack of 3D Color Profiles gives photographers, retouchers, art directors, and artists the ability to easily create powerful looks and color grades at the RAW level, to help achieve their creative vision with great detail, depth, and speed. The color grading profiles were created using 3D LUT Creator, targeting colors as well as different levels of saturation and luminosity.

With creative profiles you can now do your color grading first, before the cleanup, dodge & burn, frequency separation, and other general retouching work traditionally done before the color grade. These 3D LUT profiles will work in Photoshop with Adobe Camera Raw 10.5 or later, Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 or later, and Lightroom CC.

All 100 3D LUT Profiles were created by commercial retouchers, Sef McCullough and Earth Oliver, giving photographers the most latitude in their RAW files to pack the most punch at final output. These profiles have skin protection and extended dynamic range built in to give you the most flexibility in post production workflow possible. Available for both Lightroom and Photoshop with Adobe Camera Raw.

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