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Marketing Your Photography - Optimization & Strategy | PRO EDU marketing tutorials online for photographers who want to run more efficient businesses.
Marketing Your Photography - Optimization & Strategy | PRO EDU marketing tutorials on business for photographers. PRO PLAN unlimited access to the best photo education in the world.


Marketing your photography business can be challenging (understatement), especially if you're not sure where to start. You might feel overwhelmed by all the different things that need to get done and don't know how to prioritize them. If you want a successful photography business, marketing is essential. Without it, your work will never get seen or appreciated! But there are so many ways to market yourself - which ones should you focus on? And what's the best way for YOU to market yourself? This course will teach you everything about marketing your photography business from both an optimization and strategy standpoint. We'll also talk about building brand awareness online through social media and content marketing as well as understanding the importance of not relying on social media.

Marketing Your Photography - Optimization & Strategy | PRO EDU marketing your photography business online tutorials for photographers.


Jared Bauman will teach you how to create an effective marketing strategy for your photography business and use digital tools to get more clients. The course starts with the foundational tools to build and own your own hub, while maximizing and capturing all traffic to your site.

Marketing Your Photography - Optimization & Strategy | PRO EDU marketing tips to optimize photographers websites.


This online course will give you everything that it takes in order for you to succeed as a professional photographer today! It’s not just about taking better photos or getting more clients; it’s about running a successful business by leveraging Google's tools to run successful online companies.


As a portrait photographer I struggled getting new leads online. Jared gave me ideas and a strategy to build my website. Can’t wait to see the results.- Tahmid S.


Jared Bauman, a successful photographer and digital marketer who has helped many other photographers launch their own businesses in the past few years with his online course on creating marketing strategies for photography studios. He has exited several online businesses and has helped thousands through this tutorial learn the foundational tools to succeed in running successful marketing strategies. Download this tutorial and start your marketing plan today.

Marketing Your Photography Business Part 1 | Optimization & Strategy

If you're feeling overwhelmed when it comes to marketing your photography business, or if you don't know where to start, this online course is for you. Jared Bauman, a successful photographer and digital marketer, will teach you how to create an effective marketing strategy for your business and how to use digital tools to get more clients. You'll learn how to write great copy, create an attractive website, and use social media effectively. With Jared's help, you'll be able to streamline your workflow and take your business to the next level.

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About Jared Bauman

Jared Bauman is the Co Founder of 201 Creative Media, a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, Social Media, and Marketing for small and medium businesses. He was a Co-Founder and President of ShootDotEdit, the premium post processing company for professional wedding photographers worldwide & founded Bauman Photographers. In 2013, Jared released his first book titled Simple Steps to Master Public Speaking, which reached #1 on Amazon in Public Speaking during its first week. Jared lives in San Diego, California with his wife Sara and their daughter, Felicity.

Jared Bauman marketing instructor at PRO EDU for photographers online.

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This marketing tutorial opened my eyes to the business of photography, not just being behind the camera. - Tomas Harper


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Marketing Your Photography - Optimization & Strategy | PRO EDU marketing website optimization for photogrpahers.