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Luxe portraiture launch pro edu

Luxe Portraiture Launch

UPDATE: The entry is now closed

Backdrops have been a mainstay in portrait photography for decades. They have a classic appeal, add texture and dimension, and introduce color that makes the subject pop. That’s why so many of the most prominent portrait photographers rely on backdrops to add subtle visual interest to their portraits.

PRO EDU’s newest instructor, Jai Mayhew, uses backdrops as a critical part of her high-end portrait photography business, and even has a signature line of backdrops with the powerhouse backdrop company, Intuition Backgrounds.

After seeing how beautiful these backdrops are in person, and knowing what a key part they play in bringing portrait photography to the next level, we knew this would be the perfect partnership to help launch Jai’s tutorial, Luxe Portraiture and Retouching.

Backdrops Make it Better

We’ve partnered with Intuition Backgrounds to help portrait photographers take more control over their portraits by having access to incredible backdrops that will elevate their work. The team at Intuition have graciously decided to gift 3 backdrops to 2 deserving photographers to celebrate the launch of Luxe Portraiture via our Backdrop Giveaway.

It’s hard to overstate how a gorgeous backdrop can elevate your portrait work. That’s why we’re so excited to get these beauties into your hands. The best part is that if you win, you get to choose two of your favorite backdrops from the Jai Mayhew Signature collection. And if you’re the runner up, you get to choose your ultimate favorite from the collection, too! Everyone who enters will get a surprise from Intuition, so don’t worry too much if your name doesn’t get drawn.

We’ve seen these backdrops in person and they’re ridiculously pretty, trust us. They’re also all hand designed and printed in house by the artisans at Intuition. Many of the backdrops are painted by hand, then scanned and perfected before being printed by the artists at Intuition. They take what they do seriously, and we cannot WAIT to see these backdrops in the hands of a couple of lucky members of our community.

The Rules

  • One entry per person
  • Contest ends April 5th at 12pm EST
  • The winner will receive their choice of 2 backdrops from the Jai Mayhew Signature Line from Intuition Backdrops
  • The runner-up will receive their choice of 1 backdrop from the Jai Mayhew Signature Line from Intuition Backdrops
  • The winner and runner up will be chosen at random
  • The Winners will be announced during the Live Launch Day Celebration on
  • Contestants will receive confirmation emails and instructions from PRO EDU
  • Backdrops must be ordered through Intuition Backdrops. Instructions will be provided in the confirmation email.
  • Backdrops must be chosen from the Jai Mayhew Signature Line
  • Backdrops 8ft long and above can only be ordered by winners in the continental US
  • Backdrops cannot be returned, exchanged, or exchanged for cash

If you want to learn more about the new tutorial Luxe Portraiture and Retouching with Jai Mayhew and get notified of the launch, just fill out this quick form so we can email you updates about the launch!


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