The Art Of Shaping Hard Light

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Discover the transformative power of hard light in fine-art portraiture with Jason Buff's 'The Art Of Shaping Hard Light.' This course is a masterclass in manipulating light to create striking, emotive portraits. Learn to harness the intensity and drama of hard light, turning your portraits into compelling works of art. Ideal for portrait and fine art photographers, this tutorial is your gateway to elevating your photographic expression. In this course you will learn:

  • Mastering hard light to create dramatic portraits.
  • Techniques for shaping light and shadow.
  • Crafting emotional depth in fine art photography.
  • Advanced composition strategies for impactful imagery.
  • Storytelling through light in portrait photography.
  • Technical skills for precise light control.
  • Creative approaches to fine art portraiture.
  • Developing a unique artistic style with hard light.
  • Professional tips for fine art photography.
  • Post-processing techniques for hard light imagery.

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The Art Of Shaping Hard Light

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The art of shaping light portraiture example pro edu photography course

Dive into the World of Fine Art Photography

Imagine your portraits evoking deep emotions, with every shadow and highlight telling a story. The Art Of Shaping Hard Light' by Jason Buff transforms your approach, giving your portraits a fine art edge that captivates.

The art of shaping hard light woman portrait example from Jason buff

Go On-Set With Jason In-Studio

Dive into 14 transformative sections, complete with hands-on assignments, RAW files, and exclusive Lightroom presets. Master the art of hard light to create striking, emotive portraits.

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The-art-of-shaping-hard-light-after editing in photoshop example pro edu


He's the master of lighting. Love this series so much!

Joao F

These courses are so great to see every step in their creative process.

Lannie V

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ABOUT Jason Buff

Jason Buff stands as more than a fine art photographer; he is a maestro of light, creating portraits that resonate with emotion and narrative depth. His work defies the norms of traditional photography, marrying technical skill with artistic innovation to forge art pieces that captivate the senses. Jason's journey in the realm of photography has been marked by years of meticulous practice, elevating him to a stature of reverence in fine art photography. His dedication to the art of continuous lighting and his novel application of it set him in a league of his own. As a mentor, Jason's methodology is grounded, comprehensive, and life-changing, equipping his students with the means to uplift their craft and unearth their distinct artistic voice. This course offers a rare chance to absorb wisdom from a master, delving into Jason's personal approach and techniques.

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