Learning to Light Day Interiors

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Welcome to learning to light Day Interiors, with Shane Hurlbut, available exclusively on the PRO EDU Unlimited Plan.

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Learning to Light Day Interiors

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And Gain Confidence on Set

With this tutorial, you’ll gain confidence on set and learn quality and quantity of light, color contrast, and false color exposure techniques, along with the ability to balance interior and exterior photography lighting with ease.


Balance Interior and Exterior Lighting with Ease

This exclusive content from Shane’s Inner Circle is available for PRO EDU subscriptions members only. For more information on how to subscribe to PRO EDU, click here. This tutorial will include important parts of the photography lighting process including: Location Scouting, Pre-Lighting, Production, Real-World Photography Lighting Examples.

Balance Interior and Exterior Lighting with Ease

This course digs deep into first scouting your location and what to look for, understanding that the time of day is important even though you are shooting inside, your lens choice, your emotional lighting mood, tone, the photography lighting package, and the finesse of seeing each stroke of light as if you were painting on a canvas.  



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This was a game changer for me and my filmmaking knowledge. MANY THANKS.

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ABOUT Shane Hurlbut

Shane Hurlbut, ASC is a world-renowned cinematographer whose films have garnered universal acclaim. Hurlbut studied film at Emerson College, and graduated with a degree in film and television in 1986. With nearly 40 years of experience in the industry, Hurlbut is a pioneer in many genres including action, sports, drama and comedy. He is an expert in creatively lighting a scene to bring emotion to the storyline and character personalities. His extraordinary visuals have helped him climb his way to becoming an expert consultant and keynote speaker to film maker directors and producers.

Learning to Light Day Exteriors with Shane Hurlbut  and PRO EDU

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