Publishing Ethics And Standards

At PRO EDU we believe in getting the facts right, and publishing quality content that you can trust and rely on. The following is our policy and approach to ethical publishing and how we handle our research in our content we publish on our blog and in our tutorials.

Editorial Mission Statement

At PRO EDU we believe every photographer is capable of reaching their maximum potential through access to education and community. We are committed to helping photographers the world over advance their technique, improve their businesses, deepen their skillset, and make valuable connections within the industry. We do this by publishing well-researched educational content that is written and created by experienced photographers who adhere to the highest editorial standards.

Content Standards

  • All content published by PRO EDU will be written by artists experienced in their field, from Photography and Retouching to CGI and beyond. Articles will never be outsourced to writing farms or written by writers with no industry experience. All content will be written by reliable sources so our audience can trust it.
  • The Editor will verify all articles are relevant and useful to our audience, and reject articles that do not meet that standard.
  • Every article will be fact-checked and, if necessary, cross-checked by experts in that field or genre.
  • Copy will be checked for tone, spelling and grammar errors, proper links and attribution, originality, correct dates, and standard APA conventions.
  • PRO EDU will not tolerate plagiarism.
  • PRO EDU strives to create and maintain a welcoming, inclusive environment where all creatives are given equal opportunities to grow and succeed. We will never publish or condone content that is hateful or discriminatory in any form or fashion.


All content will be reviewed by the editor before publication, but if corrections to published content or the website itself must be made, they will be reviewed, researched, and corrected if necessary within 24 hours of notification.

Editorial Review Process

  1. The editorial team reviews the manuscript to see if it meets the PRO EDU content and genre requirements. If it does not, the article will be rejected.
  2. The editorial team takes note of tone, style, and approach to ensure compliance with the highest standards and values of PRO EDU.
  3. The editorial team determines whether the claims made by the article, if there are any, align with accepted research on the subject, consulting a subject matter expert if necessary.
  4. The editorial team forwards notes, reviews, and critiques to the author and may invite the Author to make necessary revisions to the manuscript before moving toward publication. The Author will have 2 weeks to make necessary changes.
  5. The Author decides whether to revise the article.
  6. The Copy Editor reads the manuscript for clarity, grammar, citations, and references, forwarding correction notes to the Author if necessary.
  7. The Author decides whether to make final revisions.
  8. The Editor reviews the revised manuscript and designates additional reviewers, if necessary, to decide whether the revised manuscript is ready for publication.
  9. If accepted, the article will be published within 6 months.