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Blocking & Lighting A-Z

Lighting can be a challenge for any videographer, but with the BLOCKING & LIGHTING A-Z guide, you'll be able to light your scenes like a...
Lighting can be a challenge for any videographer, but with the BLOCKING & LIGHTING A-Z guide, you'll be able to light your scenes like a pro. Learn from Shane Hurlbut, one of the industry's top experts, and make your footage truly shine. With this guide, you'll be able to add punch to the key moments in your scene and create an emotional impact on your viewers.

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Step into world-renowned cinematographer Shane Hurlbut’s office to interpret the lighting and thought process that went into the locker room scene in the blockbuster hit Semi-Pro.  

learn Semi-Pro with pro edu woody tutorial on how the movie was filmed.

Understand the importance of being able to light a scene effectively and efficiently. Go behind the scenes with Shane as he shows you his technique to quickly light a room, each crew member’s responsibilities, and the timing of lighting in relation to filming. Learn Shane’s specific lighting gear and accessories and where he places them.

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Learn from one of Hollywood's best DP's

Begin by reading the Semi-Pro script along with Shane Hurlbut and the direction he was given from Director Kent Alderman. Dissect the daunting challenge of lighting 5-7 main characters with different skin complexions, from a videographer’s point of view. Learn how to add punch to the key moments in a scene by giving purpose to everything in the lighting setup and making the most emotional impact on the viewer. Go on set in the locker room with Shane and the actors to rehearse the scene, refine the shot list and learn about light motivation. Watch as Shane explains timeless and classic lighting that doesn’t go out of date that he’s learned from experienced directors of photography and cinematographers, such as Rembrandt lighting.

A Look at The Blockbuster Hit "Semi-Pro"

shane hurlbut


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    Shane is truly a master of his craft.

    - Nick T.

    So cool PRO EDU is partnering with Shane Hurlbut!

    - Travis C.

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