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Maternity Photography with Marta Ponsko - The PRO EDU Podcast S10 E14

Marta Ponsko, a Warsaw-based photographer, has carved a niche for herself in the world of maternity and portrait photography with an innovative and colorful twist. Stepping away from traditional styles, Marta blends vibrant neon colors with the softness of maternity shoots, resulting in a unique and eye-catching aesthetic. Her journey began eight years ago when a shift from the corporate world to a more personally fulfilling career in photography was prompted. Marta leveraged her marketing expertise to identify a gap innewborn photographyservices in Poland, swiftly mastering the craft and eventually transitioning to maternity and portrait photography. Stream this for free on the PRO EDU Platform.

The evolution of Marta's business approach reflects her understanding of the market and her clients' needs. Having decided to focus solely on maternity and portrait work, Marta now offers a simple yet effective sales strategy for her clients. With an emphasis on quality over quantity, she simplifies client choices by offering a primary package with the option to purchase additional images, rather than overwhelming them with tiered options. Her sale of physical prints and folio boxes caters to modern tastes, while her in-studio displays showcase the potential of her art to transform living spaces.

Key Takeaways

  • Marta Ponsko brings a dynamic and colorful approach to the maternity photography scene.
  • A strategic shift in her career highlights a successful transition from corporate to creative fields.
  • Marta's client-oriented sales strategy showcases a blend of simplicity and personalized product offerings.

Podcast Highlights

Welcoming Segment and Setting the Tone

  • Grab a refreshing Sasparilla.
  • Relax and make yourself comfortable.

Guest Spotlight: Marta Ponsko

  • Marta Ponsko: a distinguished maternity and portrait photographer from Warsaw, Poland.
  • Unique use of neon colors in maternity photography.
  • Began career due to a lifestyle change suggested by her husband.
  • Transitioned from corporate marketing to photography.
  • Chose newborn photography niche after market research.
  • Shifted to maternity photography, phased out newborn sessions.
  • Simplified client packages for ease.
  • Introduced color gel techniques to maternity photography early on.
  • Overcame initial skepticism around unconventional color use.
  • Offers clients a variety of print and wall art options.
  • Implemented in-person sales to enhance client purchasing.

Conversation with Marta Ponsko

A New Path: Marketing to Photography

In pursuit of a profession that could harmonize with family life, Marta transitioned from her role as a marketing director to a solo venture in photography, a craft she passionately embraced. Her commercial acumen guided this change, with a calculated market analysis pinpointing newborn photography as a burgeoning niche in Poland.

The Inception of Infant Imagery

Marta's foray into newborn photography was sparked not by prior experience with infants but by an observed market gap. She immersed herself in this specialty, dedicating three years to mastering the delicate art of capturing the earliest stages of life.

Evolving Focus: Embracing Maternal Imagery

Gradually, Marta shifted her creative focus to maternity photography. This decision was cemented by her desire to free up time and space for portrait and maternity photography, leading her to divest from newborn sessions and redirect newborn clients to her peers, while retaining those interested in portraits.

New Directions in the Business Model

Her approach to client transactions is streamlined: she offers a base session fee, plus a package including a specified number of pictures. Additional photos can be purchased a la carte, simplifying the experience for clients and eschewing complex tiered pricing structures.

Introducing Vibrancy into Maternity Photography

From the outset, Marta infused her maternity photography with vivid colors and gel lighting techniques, a stark contrast to the prevailing styles. Despite initial skepticism, her persistent innovation established a unique aesthetic that attracts clients seeking unconventional, cinematic-quality images.

Studio Atmosphere and Client Experience

Marta's studio doubles as a showcase, adorned with sample wall art to inspire clients about display options in their homes. Her focus extends beyond mere photo sessions, offering tangible products like folio boxes and albums that resonate more with her European clientele's preferences.

Sales Strategy and Growth

Switching to an in-person sales model transformed Marta's revenue stream, facilitating the sale of prints and albums by directly addressing client desires and doubts. By engaging customers in her studio, Marta enhances the value of her work, broadening the appeal of professional print products.

Entrepreneurial Strategies in Photography

Service Offerings in Photography

He began his journey into the world of photography approximately eight years ago, led by the motivation to integrate his passion for the craft with a viable business venture. Abandoning a traditional corporate path, he leveraged his marketing background to identify a specialty within the photography market that was in high demand yet underserviced – newborn photography. Despite not having prior personal experience with newborns, he saw an opportunity and dove into this niche, tailoring his services to meet the newfound needs of his clientele.

Revenue Approach in Photographic Work

In terms of monetizing his expertise, he has employed a simple yet effective pricing model. Clients are charged a session fee, which includes a base package of a certain number of images. The option to purchase additional photos allows for flexible client spending, catering to individuals who desire more than what the standard package offers. This straightforward structure emphasizes a 'less is more' philosophy, avoiding overly complex package tiers and focusing on a single, comprehensive option which simplifies the process both for the photographer and the customer.

Maternity Photography Approach

Utilizing Color Gels in Maternity Shoots

In the realm of maternity photography, the incorporation of vibrant color gels has transitioned from being uncommon to a creative staple. This stylistic tool wasn't widely adopted in maternity sessions until recent years, despite its popularity in portrait and fashion photography. Initially, the unconventional use of colored lighting, which could result in uncommon skin tones like blue or green, met resistance from clients and colleagues alike. Nevertheless, persistence in this approach paid off, resulting in a distinctive style that clients now seek out specifically for its unique, cinematic vibe.

Consumer Response and Adaptation

The audience's acceptance of this novel maternity style was gradual. At the outset, convincing clients to opt for this bold and non-traditional route was challenging. However, by consistently presenting this fresh take on maternity images, there has been a shift in market demand. A strategy that was initially met with skepticism has, over time, proved to be a successful differentiation factor, with individuals now approaching studios with the express desire for this distinctive maternity style.

Creating a Signature Film-Inspired Aesthetic

The aspiration to emulate the feel of movie and TV series posters influenced the development of a cinematic look in maternity photography. This particular style involves more than just taking photos; it's about crafting a dramatic, poster-like image that might not typically be displayed in a living room but rather used as a statement piece in other spaces. The studio has evolved into a gallery of sorts, displaying various wall art materials to inspire clients and illustrate the versatility of how these unique maternity photographs can be showcased in their homes.

Insights from Within the Workspace

Studio Arrangement and Decorative Elements

  • Work Area: The studio provides a professional workspace designed to accommodate various photography sessions.
  • Display Pieces: Various wall art options are showcased to inspire clients, demonstrating potential end products for their own sessions.

Selection Trend Among Consumers

  • Primary Interest: Clients show a strong preference for unique maternity photography that incorporates vibrant and neon colors.
  • Secondary Demands: While some clients opt for more traditional styles, a noticeable inclination towards atypical, cinematic-style maternity images is evident.

Strategic Approach to Product Sales

Expanding into Tangible Product Offerings

Transitioning from a corporate environment, I found a new passion in photography—a field more congruent with family life. Initially I capitalized on the business opportunity provided by the rising popularity of newborn photography. However, after three years, I transitioned my focus towards maternity and portrait photography. This enabled me to connect more with my passion, influencing me to phase out newborn sessions in favor of maternity and portrait work.

Embracing Direct Customer Engagement

Building a successful client base in maternity photography, I embraced a simple pricing strategy. I offer a session fee that includes a set number of images. If clients wish to purchase additional images, they can do so for an added charge. This straightforward approach facilitates easier client interactions, avoiding the confusion of multiple package options.

Maternity Photography Evolution

In my early days of maternity photography, incorporating color gels was not commonplace. Despite initial skepticism from my audience, I persisted. Gradually, my distinctive style gained acceptance, attracting clients seeking unique, cinematic-quality portraits not typically found in maternity sessions.

Pioneering Sales Through Client Education

In my studio, I advocate for the value of printed products. I educate clients about various materials and formats that best complement their homes and lifestyles. This not only enriches their experience but also sustains a vital revenue stream for my business. BindingFlags an array of samples in my studio space, I can effectively demonstrate the potential of wall art, albums, and other tangible manifestations of their treasured memories.

  • Session Fee
    • Includes a predetermined number of images
  • Additional Purchases
    • Clients may acquire extra images beyond the initial package

Nurturing Client Relationships

I've found that engaging with clients in-person (IPS) boosts sales of both products and images. This hands-on approach allows me to address any questions or concerns, provide knowledgeable recommendations, and showcase the tangible possibilities beyond digital files. Through in-person sales, I’ve reinforced client relationships and improved overall business performance.

  • Types of Sales Encounters
    • Digital files, wall art, albums, and folio boxes are discussed and sold
  • Impact of Direct Interaction
    • Enhances client understanding and boosts product sales

In conclusion, my venture into entrepreneurship within the realm of photography has been driven by strategic business decisions, keen market insights, and an unwavering commitment to my art. By centralizing client satisfaction and product quality, I've cultivated a brand that not only resonates with my clientele but also stands as a beacon of distinctive style and excellence in the saturated market of portrait photography.

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