Winners From The Community Assignment "Too Many Astronauts On Instagram"

Astronauts On Instagram

In February we kicked off the first Photoshop Assignment of 2020 in collaboration with the Instagram account @learn__photoshop and Wacom to challenge the community to an assignment. 

If you are unfamiliar, The assignment details and submission page will change for each assignment we do! Make sure to bookmark that page and check back in for new assignments and prizes every month.

Here is a little highlight reel of some of the images submitted! You can find a lot of the submission on instagram under the Hashtag #psassignment



For this Photoshop Assignment, you are to create an original image based on the phrase "Too Many Astronauts On Instagram."  

You can interpret the assignment in any way you want. It is vague. It is broad. It is very random! The image must somehow relate to the phrase above. It doesn't have to have an astronaut in the image, but something that could be conveyed or related to the phrase. 

Interpret at your own risk! 

You may use any stock photography such as these images of Astronauts on Unsplash: . Please be sure to only use images that are public domain or you have the rights or license to use. NO STEALING!

The Judges:

The judges were asked to consider these 4 main categories: Humor, Direction, Props/Styling, and Technical Photoshop Ability.

Erik Almas
Sef McCullough
Renee Robyn
Gary Martin
Diogo Sampaio
Martin from Learn Photoshop

How We Determined The Winners

Each judge was asked to pick their top 3 from all of the 200+ entries. If an image received a first place vote it was awarded 3 points. Second place received 2 points and third place received 1 point. The most points won.

First Place: 8 Points


Astronauts On Instagram

 From Sef McCullough "Wow factor. Integration. Good complete-ness. It gets a great read from a distance, and then we can zoom in and get into all the details. I like stuff I can engage with on multiple scales. This shines from a distance though, the grading is super lush and connects to the brand. It ticks all the boxes and well."

From Renee:  "This one kind of jumped out to me right away, I love the pop culture colors, the saturation choices are quite nice, and the goofy little dancing astronauts in the center are a nice touch. All the features to the IG ecosystem give it a bit of a claustrophobic feeling, without it being too unsettling. It's like too much information, while visually remaining nicely balanced."


Second Place: 6 Points


Astronauts On Instagram

 From Martin: " Humor is definitely here and the composition works well. Depth of field is also well made and the perspectives are respected (as far as my experience can tell). Good skills. Whoever made this one put a lot of attention to details: we can find several IG logos (astronauts chest, middle left of the window on the metal piece, not to mention our instagram profile page on the earth surface.) and I especially liked the iPod playing David Bowie song “Space Oddity”. The overall look and color grading is good as well."

From Diogo: "Very cool details such as reflections, IR page on the glass, depth of field, good composition, funny storytelling with the donut."

3rd Place: Tie With 4 Points


Astronauts On Instagram


Astronauts On Instagram


Seriously thank you to everyone who participated and submitted your images! This was seriously a hard contest to judge and the results may have been different with different judges! There were SO many great entires! We will continue to do these assignments for the community so please check back in on the PS Assignment Page to participate in this free event!

Learn Photoshop

3 of the judges involved in this contest have fantastic photoshop and photography based tutorials that teach commercial, advertising, composite, color grading, and everything in between here at PRO EDU. If you would like to learn from them you can check out their tutorials below.


Astronauts On Instagram

Astronauts On Instagram



Big thanks to our Sponsor Wacom for donating 3 tablets to each of the winners!

The Winners Received

1st Place Winner $1,000 Value:

  1. One Free Intuos Pro L $499.95 Value
  2. One Free Year to the PRO EDU UNLIMITED PLAN
  3.  Blog Feature & IG FEATURE

2nd Place Winner $900 Value:

  1. One Free Wacom One Tablet $399.95 Value
  2. Two FREE Photography or Retouching Tutorials  From PRO EDU 
  3. Blog Feature & IG Feature

3rd Place Winner: $575 Value

  1. One Free Intuos Pro M Tablet $379.95
  2. 1 Free Master Collection Retouching Tool
  3. 1 Free Blog Feature & IG Feature


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