The 5 Day Deal Photography Bundle Sale - 96% OFF

The 5 Day Deal Photography Bundle Sale


Update: Sale Ended. We raised over $170,000 for charity. New giveaway HERE

For the first time ever, PRO EDU is partnering with the 5 Day Deal to create one of the biggest photography education events EVER. And it is all for a great cause. We have added 3 products to the 5 Day Deal that you can get with the 3 bundles they have put together from amazing partners.

The best part is that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to 4 different charities to help those in need.

The Business Of Retouching Tutorial Launch

You can now get the Business Of Retouching at PRO EDU.


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adjustment layersrestored historic photo with vibrant colors in Photoshop

The Art of Photo Restoration in Photoshop

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custom text effectsText artfully overlaid on a photographer's image

The Art of Photoshop Typography for Photographers

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The Magic of Masking: Photoshop's Hidden Power

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