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Photography lighting principles and concepts with chris knight. What is diffused light? PRO EDU photography tutorials.

Photography Lighting Equipment & Setups: The Essential Guide with Chris Knight

Nothing is so fundamental to studio portraiture as light. Light is the language photographers use to communicate who our subject is and what we want the viewer to understand about them, or us. Part...

7 Reasons All Creatives Should Use Pinterest for Marketing - PRO EDU- business, digital, facebook, free, jared bauman, marketing, pins, pinterest, social, social media, strategy

7 Reasons All Creatives Should Use Pinterest for Marketing

Pinterest: the oft-forgotten social media platform that could very well be your secret marketing engine this year. This highly popular search and discovery tool has developed into a lot more than j...

Photographer's Toolkit


This Black Friday, get a head start on your photography education with PRO EDU's massive sale! With classes starting at just $17, now is the perfect time to improve your skills and take your work t...

Retouching Courses

The Top Photography & Retouching Courses Online 2019

Our Unlimited Pro Plan gives the ability to stream every single one of our top photography courses, access to all RAW files, working files, PDF's, and everything else.


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Textures for Fun & Profit

Textures for Fun & Profit: 5 Ways to Use Textures in Your Images

As image makers we love playing with photos to create different looks. And for many of us textures often play a big part of crafting those looks, letting us transform a nice, clean photo into somet...