Props and Backgrounds in Food Photography

Props and Backgrounds in Food Photography - PRO EDU-

If you’re reading this article it probably means that you don't feel like an amazing food photographer yet.

You consider yourself a good photographer, your food looks great, your camera is a professional one, you even read some tips for food photography, you do everything right. Despite that, your pictures are still soulless! Don’t worry! Let's go see what you're doing wrong!

Let’s Start!

I'm confident the reason your photos look soulless is that they’re missing something in their composition. It might be the case that you overlooked an important feature of food photography. In fact, in this particular type of pictures, it is fundamental to pay attention to the set, which has the same importance as the food.

The set is as important as the food you want to take a picture of.

Before losing your confidence and putting


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