Is Advanced Skin Retouching the Right Tutorial for You?

Is Advanced Skin Retouching the Right Tutorial for You? - PRO EDU-

When a new tutorial or product comes out, it can be hard to know whether it will be the right investment in your career. But PRO EDU has found a way around that.

We recently created the first PRO Team.

The PRO Team is a group of unique photographers from the PRO EDU community who value education and want to help other photographers grow. They're vetting every tutorial before it launches so you can ask them YOUR questions about the tutorials, and they can give their honest feedback on what they've learned.

We recently put them through their paces with Advanced Skin Retouching with Nino Batista, and in a live discussion panel on the PRO EDU Facebook page, they shared their thoughts, and how the tutorial and plugins are changing the way they work.

They've already started creating photographs based on the instruction. Here are a few quotes from the live interview:

"The amount of detail and level Nino goes into to explain his process and workflow was quite the benefit. I learned so much in this tutorial as far as how the layers go together, how they interact with one another, how we can use tools differently, how we can use commonly used tools differently."

--Dave Schick

"This tutorial wouldn't just be for people who do boudoir. Anyone who does any skin related work can benefit from this. That's great about it, because you can take something that you learned that isn't from your area of expertise, and you can apply to it to something else, like working with portraits."

--Shian Bang

"One of the things that really struck me when you watch the tutorial is the fact that you can glean so much even if you don't shoot specifically glamour or boudoir. I do a lot of portrait work in general, even if it's corporate work or commercial work, and I feel like if you have a plan of attack for how you're going to address skin issues is really helpful."

--Kevin Kleitches

Photo by Olga Tenyanin

Photo by George Mitchell

"Initially I'm like, okay this is not what I do, but as you start going through the tutorial you really start to see that just about every technique Nino takes us through can be applied to food and beverage work.

I mean, this is definitely a full package. I mean, I've always used Capture One but there were things that were shown in this tutorial that I didn't even know existed."

--George Mitchell

"I really liked having him speak through his entire process [...] I think that's probably the most valuable thing that anyone can hear is somebody else's thought process, because you can show them how to do it, but not knowing the why you'll never be able to recreate it."

--Olga Tenyanin

"I work a lot on skin, and to be honest I've used to be kind of a hater on panels. Nino, I love your panels. It simplifies my work so much, it's just one click and done, period, you just work on top of those layers."

--Simon Diez

"The way Nino explained it was so perfect. I think someone in the Facebook community mentioned like "he's like the Bob Ross, he knows how to explain things so easy and he makes it so fun. And I think that was one of the biggest compliments I had bout the tutorial. He does explain it in a way that was understandable to anyone. You get depth without the hard complicated words and jargon that comes with it."

--Carlos Rendon

Our PRO Team is comprised of a wide variety of photographers from all over the world who specialize in several different disciplines, from Food and Beverage to Portraiture and Boudoir. George Mitchell, a Food and Beverage photographer, even talked about how the Frequency Separation can be used in retouching things like glass bottles to even out the transitions.

The applications for a solid workflow are almost endless, but you don't have to take my word for it.

If you want more than a few quotes, watch the LIVE STREAM on our Facebook Page and hear from photographers who've already started putting these techniques to use.

Thanks to PRO Team members Olga Tenyanin and George Mitchell for sharing your work!


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