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One of our favorite things at PRO EDU is seeing how our community uses what they’ve learned through our tutorials and tools to improve their work. It’s amazing how each person takes the lessons and techniques our instructors have shared and applies them to their own vision. From beauty photography to food and beverage work, there is no shortage of killer photos created by our members.

And since we love celebrating and showcasing the incredible work our members create, here is a small sample of the talent in the PRO EDU Community.

Beauty photograph by Steve Weldon
"One of my favs after watching mostly Dani and Michael's tutorials. For me and for what I shoot these two were the most beneficial and inspirational. Currently glued to Nino's!"

3/4 Portrait

I created this image right after watching Chris Knightand Gemmy Woud-Binnendjick's tutorials. Lighting and storytelling were my focus and I really wanted to create something that was extremely simple in terms of gear used and the set but had a lot going on underneath.

--Mateusz Jagiello

Portrait of a woman in studio
This is my first image after studying your tutorials. My journey started recently but I am certainly training with the best. In particular, I would like to thank Sef McCullough (pen tool and color grading) Earth Oliver (fs 2.0 never again without) Pratik Naik, (Your dodge and burn for anything) Chris Knight (Light but above all shadows.
Thanks also to Alessandro Scepi who introduced me to PRO EDU Products.
Boxing portrait from above

Sef and Earthhelped a lot with the post production work flow for sure.
Underwater portrait of a woman
I love Gemmy's tutorial for creativity and Earth's for retouching. Can't wait to keep taking my underwater photography to new heights this year with PRO EDU!
Composite photograph of two mice enjoying an appetizer
Using techniques picked up from Renee Robyn's tutorials I made this image for a client. I've come a long way and ProEdu has been there to help.
Composite photograph of a woman
ProEdu is seriously the best. It is refreshing to have the detailed in-depth tutorials at an advanced level from working professionals sharing all of their secrets. FS 2.0 has changed my workflow forever. Every tutorial though helps me, just to watch the workflow and the attention to detail the next level professionals put into their work. The community is great too.
Dark stylized portrait
All of the PRO EDU instructors have influenced my portfolio significantly over the last few years. This one though is currently my favorite heavily inspired by Kelly Robitaillewith her Surreal Retouching course.
Fine art portrait
I watched many, but this one is one of my favourites and was influenced by Gemmy´s Fine Art Portraiture and Dramatic Portraiture by Chris Knight.
Surreal portrait
I have watched a few and love them. My favorite and most influenced by Kelly Robitaille.
Close up studio portrait
As a photographer who started a little over two years ago, Proedu tutorials gave me that professional impetus to my photos and gave me the tools to start my journey. I have to thank the courses of Pratik Naik, Chris Knight,and many others who inspired me and made me grow, even in this community. Thank you all.
Food photograph of bread and coffee
I created this image a few years after my initial ProEdu purchase of Food Photography with Rob Grimm.I’m most proud of this image because I sought out to create a early morning breakfast scene at 9pm at night. At the time, it was a huge accomplishment for me because I’d previously been dissatisfied with my ability to style the set and bring my concepts to life. This tutorial was a major confidence boost for me due to it being a full package. A detailed list of gear that could be used, and items to include in my food kit, and of course the detail of each of the sections. This was one of the best investments I’ve made in me as a photographer and business owner.
Nighttime long exposure of a city
I like to shoot landscape and cityscape at night, which I use as an excuse not to post much here. That said, Sef's Commercial Color Gradingtutorial was a game changer for me, and for that I'm very grateful.
Composite fantasty portrait
So, I have to give props to Renee Robyn for opening my eyes on composite work. I remember watching her tutorial when I knew very little and she shared how she could bring any world to her and that was massively enlightening. There are so many other great teachers, but I find power knowing I can be anywhere and shoot anyone with composites. The only limit is your mind.
Portrait of a girl outdoors
One of my favorite images.
Made possible through many Pro Edu tutorials.
Color gels and in-camera Kelvin changes from Jake Hicks.
Story telling from Kate Woodman. Color grading from Justin Lister. Compositing from Renee Robyn. Frequency separation from Earth Oliver.
--Dave Schick.
Stylized portrait of a young girl in a field
I have been most influenced by Kate Woodman, but also by many other artists of PRO EDU. One of my other favorites is Sef McCullough #growproedu I'm wishing I could add several photos because I have tried some of the styles the tutors taught, for example I have a couple strongly influenced by Erik Almas who was a really, really strong influence to me.
Obviously, PRO EDU community members are out there killing the game, creating incredible work and using education to propel their skill and careers forward. Go give them a follow on Instagram, show them some love, and find out if any of the stuff they learned might work for you!


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