Best Photography & Retouching Podcasts in 2019

Best Photography & Retouching Podcasts in 2019 - PRO EDU-

From where I’m sitting these days it seems like everyone on the planet is releasing a podcast. Is the podcast the new blog, is blogging dead? Is the popularity of the podcast just the result of laziness? I mean, it’s just really easy to turn on a mic, hit record and ending up with the best photography podcast, right?

Of course, the barrier to entry for a podcast has been lowered quite a bit as well with the cost of equipment not nearly what it was a few years ago. (sound familiar kids?) :)

And while some people may think that podcasts are a dinosaur of the past, more and more platforms are jumping on the bandwagon. In fact, Spotify recently purchased podcast producer Gimlet Media for $230 million.

The Popularity of Listening to Photography Podcasts

In my research for this article I discovered you don’t even need any equipment, you can simply use the tools you already have with services (which is FREE) andSpreaker. There’s even whole podcasts and websites dedicated to helping future podcasters likeThe Podcast Host andPodcast Insights who offer up all the tools you need to get you started.

Photography Podcast

You name it and there’s a podcast for it, and if you’re like me and get bored pretty much through the middle of everything, your options are limitless. There's a never ending list of long form rambles from the likes ofThe Tim Ferriss Showto quick ten minute stories from The wayI heard it from Mike Rowe.

You can also find lots of random things as well, there’s even wholereddit threads dedicated to the best of the weird. Some of my favorites also includeEO Fire,Storybrand with Donald Miller, andThe Fizzle Show. Of course any healthy list of best podcasts should include some fun stuff likewait wait don't tell me, andHow I built this with Guy Raz.

With all the free content out there, the stakes have been raised to create authentic, high quality photography podcasts.

The Best Photography Podcasts

So you think when it came to the business of photography and filmmaking I would be able to put out a huge listicle on all the things out there right? Sad to say, I was disappointed that this little photography world we find ourselves in is severely underserved when it comes to the podcast.

Here’s a list of the photography podcasts I’ve been able to find that are NOT too amateur, and focus solely on the photographer and filmmaker. I also avoided any podcasts that were created by gear manufacturers or distributors. If you do some searching you’ll find plenty of those, and to be honest there was some good information to be had in there. We just felt that at the end of the day those podcasts were just about featuring products they are selling. Nothing wrong with that, but to us is not what we were looking for in podcasts celebrating the art of photography and filmmaking.

The Pro Edu Podcast

Well of course we are going to shamelessly plug our photography podcast! We try to keep it light and have fun but also think as things progress you can pull out some great real world experience from our guests. Everything from commercial, editorial, wedding, portrait, and product, we interview them all.

This Conversation with Jed Taufer

Jed is by far one of my favorite people in the photo community and I look up to him quite a bit. He’s the kind of friend who leaves your sides hurting from laughter and also makes you drink too much. (well, it’s not really his fault) :) His podcast is strictly with wedding and portrait photographers. His best podcast is where he interviews me here ;) “Things I’ve learned in the last six years with Jason Groupp” You should also check out Parker Pfisters podcast about“Passion over profit”

Off Track with Troy

If you have met Troy, you know what a photo industry gem he is. You’ll also never forget his bright signature suits, and bowties which are as bright and bold as his personality.

His Podcast is directed at bearing your story and sharing your experiences with the goal to help others. Talking about community, humanity, heartwarming stories of overcoming obstacles.

This Week In Photo

This Week in Photo is one of the best, longest running photography-centric podcasts in the industry. Hosted by Frederick Van Johnson, the show is a weekly round-table discussion of the major happenings in the world of photography.

You’ll also find deep one-on-one interviews with the industry’s hottest photographers and companies. The show is irreverent, educational and occasionally hilarious!

Vision Slightly Blurred

I’ve been a fan of Allen Murabayashi (Co-founder ofPhotoshelter) for a long time. He’s definitely one of the smartest dudes I’ve ever met and he’s doing a great job with his fun perspectives on our community.

Recompose Podcast

Andy Williams and Juan Pons post a biweekly podcast with professional photographers where they discuss all topics related to photography. They include a combination of photo technique, the best gear, and they focus on travel and landscape topics.

The Candid Frame

Ibarionex Perello has been one of the best in the industry for many years. Formally a writer for Rangefinder, he does a great job of focusing on projects photographers are working on.

….and that’s pretty much it! Keep in mind that I was focused on finding podcasts that were solely featuring photographers and filmmakers. There are lots of choices when it comes to the life of the entrepreneur and helping the wide range creative field, but not much when it came to the creative photography field.

What did I miss? Help me out! Leave it in the comments below.

Before we go, a quick word of caution. Podcasts are great because you can listen to them virtually anywhere. Take a podcast on your commute, in the shower or while cooking dinner. But, don’t neglect your visual learning. In the photography world, we must keep all of our senses wide open.

PRO EDU Photography Podcast Season 7 | Where Photographers, Retouchers, & Filmmakers Drink & Talk Business

While you’re here, check out the brand new Season 7 of the PRO EDU Podcast featuring co-founders Gary Martin and Rob Grimm. They traveled to Birmingham, UK to The Photography Show and sat down with an epic guest lineup to talk about the art of photography.

Hear from Erik Johannsson, Jake Hicks, David Neilands, Sanjay Jogia, Art Wolfe, Alan Wallace, Indy Sagoo, Ella Bell, Clinton Lofthouse, Hannah Couzens, Wayne Johns, Laura Sheridan, Udi Turosh, Zoe Noble, Simon McCheung, Richard Terborg, Amy Shore, Zachary Sutton, William Clark, Phillip Bloom, and Oscar May. Learn about their creative process, what makes them profitable, how they’re marketing their business and what they ate for lunch.

We publish episodes weekly on Soundcloud, Stitcher, iTunes, and Google Music, or you can download the entire season for free below.

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