The Top 20 PRO EDU Community Photos of 2020

2020 was an incredibly stressful year, but that didn't stop the PRO EDU community from stepping up their game and creating amazing photographs.

To cap off the year, we asked our community members to submit and vote on their favorite photographs of 2020, and they did not disappoint! From food photography to fine-art portraits, they shared work that proves how deep the skill and talent runs in the PRO EDU family.

Community Picks

Here are 15 images voted on by the community in no particular order:

This lovely, classic studio portrait by Simon Diez.

Olga Tenyanin really caught our eye with this conceptual portrait and moody color grade.

Lindsey Hoad completely rocked this limited color palette!

We're loving the moody sky and blurred water in this landscape by Joshua Pheneger

Oksana Shkuratovska captured this beautiful black and white portrait with gorgeous light.

Mateusz Jagiello gives us all kinds of great contrasts in this close up.

This moody still life by Kari Hoglund is giving us all the vibes.

Francois Mittins created absolute MOOD in this portrait with a monochromatic palette.

We're dying for the gorgeous light and color contrast in this portrait by Emmy Ojo Aromokundu

Edward Boe made us all hungry. Cheese, anyone?

Dave Schick captured the gorgeous color of this Old Forester.

Charles Niel is giving us all the old masters vibes with this luscious still life.

BYES created a stunning renaissance inspired composite that belongs on someone's wall.

This product shot by Aaron Van Swearingen is immaculate and full of energy!

Editor's Picks

Here are the 5 editor's picks, snagged from photos our members have shared over 2020, to round out the 20 best of 2020!

This great concept by Rodrique Mbok really caught our attention!

David Byrd created this mind-blowing CGI photo composite we are dying over.

This sunset landscape by Edward Roberts makes us want to run off into the wilderness and never come back.

Shavonne Wong created an incredible photorealistic close up of one of her virtual models, and we can't get over it!

We are in love with this soft, dreamy self portrait by Brandi Nicole.

Of course there were so many gorgeous, thought provoking photos shared in the PRO EDU Facebook Community that it would be impossible to give each of them the attention they deserve, but these are a few of our favorites of 2020.

There were a few incredible shots that have already been shared in other blog posts, or have NSFW content we can't share on our blog, but we want to give a huge shoutout to Mike Christopherfor the gorgeous photos they submitted for the Best Of!

We couldn't be more proud of our members and the work they create, and everything they've learned from our incredible instructors. Here's to more growth in 2021. The sky is the limit!

Lead image by PRO EDU community member David Byrd.


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