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The Commercial Retouching Course Bundle

Start Your Retouching Plan

Welcome to our recommended course collection for commercial retouching workflow. This collection of Adobe Photoshop workflow courses is what we and Senior Retouchers recommend for your retouching learning curriculum. 

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These courses are developed by senior retouchers Sef McCullough and Earth Oliver, who have spent decades working for clients such as Nike in Portland Oregon, often referred to as the retouching capital of the world.

These courses are full of actions developed by Sef and Earth to speed up your workflow and yield better results. They are used day in and day out by retouchers working for clients and the highest level.


Meet Retoucher Sef McCullough

Meet your new retouching teacher, Sef. Sef has spent decades perfecting workflow for some of the biggest clients in the world. We've partnered with Sef to create a collection of tutorials aimed to give retouchers the insight and tools to execute retouching at the commercial level.

 About The Course Work

These courses should take you approximately 2-3 months to complete and are full of RAW working files to practice along with Sef and Earth.

Upon completion of these courses you should have the language, methods, and tools to apply as a junior retoucher at an agency, or provide retouching services in your own agency.

Preview Commercial Workflow Part 1

Sef McCullough shares the post-production workflow which has made him one of the world's leading high-end retouchers. Sef reveals for the first time his bullet-proof approach and advanced techniques to change the way you retouch product photography. This tutorial will improve your skills and give you the understanding of how to deliver high-end commercial images to your clients.

Preview Commercial Color Grading Part 2

Throughout this color grading tutorial Sef goes over non-destructive methods to color grade for commercial imagery, provides insight on color theory, and helps expand your creativity when working on an image. Sef approaches his work by first analyzing the colors that are actually in the image, and not just the ones we perceive with our eyes.


Preview Commercial Hair Workflow Part 3

In over 10 years of high end commercial retouching, Sef McCullough has developed a variety of systematic and repeatable methods for cleaning up, isolating and extracting hair in Photoshop. 

After completing this tutorial you will know all of the commercial workflow methods to extract hair in the most efficient and highest quality methods in Photoshop. When you spend less time retouching while achieving better results, your business will prosper.



Preview The Business Of Retouching Part 4

In this comprehensive business tutorial, commercial retouchers Sef McCullough and Earth Oliver unpack their proven business workflow and strategies from client inquiry to final delivery. You will first build a foundational knowledge of the retouching industry, then follow along through a case study of a real life commercial retouching job as Sef writes emails to clients and assesses, estimates, prices, and bids on a project from start to finish.


Preview Essential Photoshop Tools

Adobe Photoshop is the world's best imaging and graphic design software for photographers and retouchers. This tutorial is designed to be the ultimate reference guide for anybody who wants to learn more about Photoshop tools. Get started by learning the layout of the workspace then follow along as Sef walks through and thoroughly demonstrates each tool in the toolbar. 

Preview Advanced Texture Cleanup - 18 Courses

Earth is a cutting edge retoucher who has spent his career fixing every type of image imaginable. In developing Frequency Separation 2.0, Earth has expanded the workflow by incorporating other tools, layers, and ideas that can be added to the frequency stack.

In the old method of using frequency separation, we were limited to only the areas that were inside any hard edge. This retouching was pretty much unuseable in product photography and only useable to retouch skin.


  • Skin Retouching
  • Fabric Retouching
  • Product Retouching
  • Car Retouching
  • Architectural Retouching